End of Day 2

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April 17th, 2016 5:33 am

In my last post, I discussed that we had a lot of issues starting up, but still managed to make progress. Today we (@shakesoda and @LandonManning) made a HUGE breakthrough and got a lot of stuff working!

After dinking around with collision junk for too long, and not getting anywhere, I decided to scrap my AABB-OBB collision code entirely and switch to Circle-Circle. This happens to be fine since most of our objects are somewhat cylindrical. In our last game(s), Circle-Circle didn’t fully work out for us and was glitchy. We’ve finally perfected it and will be modularizing the code after Ludum Dare so we don’t blow hours on collision again. We’ll hopefully get other sorts of collision working better too, such as AABB-OBB and whatever else is common.

With collision finally working, I went about getting attacking enemies to work while shakesoda whipped up some more assets. With the game transforming from a cube “hitting” a cylinder to a character T-posing at a Tree, it really make it feel like we were progressing. Not long after, we even had basic animations to toy with such as a walk cycle and a sword swing. To get a better idea for how to animate running with a sword… I decided to run down my apartment building’s hallway with a katana. Luckily, it was late at night and no one called the police! We also fixed up the player and enemy stats so that they are taken into account. Low ATK makes your hits do less damage, etc.

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Designing the level was a bit interesting. For our last game, we wrote a level exporter for Blender that allows us to link objects into a level.blend file and then export a Lua file with object information. We decided to reuse this and I started plotting random trees all over a plane. It was pretty cool but didn’t quite feel right. Instead, I laid the trees out in a grid and made a few paths and such through them. With a proper grid, we were also able to implement… path finding!

We want monsters to be able to chase you, and to do that we need path finding. We decided to use A* (A Star) path finding. We had some troubles with the library we were using as we needed to convert between different coordinate systems but after we figured that out, it Just Worked.

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Finally, we wanted to add a sword swish sound when you attack. Instead of trying to find some crappy sound effect, we decided to make our own. shakesoda grabbed his katana and swished it in front of his mic for about a minute, and also recorded about 10 seconds of ambient noise. He sent the files off to me while he tinkered with the path finding and I picked the best swish sound and used his noise profile to eliminate the background noise leaving a very clean sound effect.

Tomorrow we will be adding more enemies, getting dynamic path finding to work so the enemies actually chase you, enemies fighting back, and hopefully our “shapeshifting” mechanic will be implemented too. We also want to get all of our story elements such as voice acting done tomorrow so we don’t need to panic near the end trying to source the assistance of other folks as a deadline looms uncomfortably close.

If you want to check out our dev progress, you can catch us on Twitch!

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