24 hours left

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April 17th, 2016 8:04 pm

I planned on Entering the Jam, it’s slightly less stressful than the 48 hour one, this means I have 24 hours remaining, where am I up to after 48 hours?

Well I’m not as far as I’d like to be, as usual. But pretty happy with what I have. Here’s a screenshot of one of the earlier levels.

ss (2016-04-18 at 01.58.15)

Main mechanic is pretty much perfect now, and I’ve added some obstacles which you need to use the portal power to overcome.

I spent the last 2 hours making some soundtracks, as I’ve previously lacked in that regard.

What’s left?

Well, it’s 90% level design now. Maybe some additional code for obstacles, or a super-quick model, but really it just comes down to design.

The other 10% is a title/menu screen.

I feel like there should be some SFX too, which won’t take long. That’s low priority though.

I’m aiming for a good 10 minutes of gameplay, introducing you to various mechanics (“peeking”, “poking”, and “throwing” portals), and provide a bit of a challenge. It’s tough enough to think with 2D portals though, and these are 3D 😉

I’m also out for like 4 hours tomorrow, so the deadline will be tight!

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