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April 16th, 2016 2:10 pm

Status Update 1: I downloaded OBS and found out, belatedly, that I can’t actually use it to capture my game in progress for some reason. :\ It won’t capture the output from the LIBGDX stuff.

Status Update 2: Got some of the logic done now! This is my first attempt at using Box2D and it’s looking pretty good I think:

2016-04-16 12_55_34-LDThreeFive

The player (the circle in the center) is pursued by the big circle. The big circle will follow a path (of the smaller brown circles) until it sees the player. Then it’ll chase until the player is out of sight.

The ¬†shapeshifting will come in shortly with the player changing shape: “Attack Form” which can jump onto to attack a human and absorb their essence (for upgrades?);¬†“Running Form” which is the current one, meant to be able to navigate the vents (smaller passages); ¬†“Hiding Form” which turns the player into an immobile object that MIGHT convince the enemy units that it’s not a monster (which allows attack form to get off an attack instantly if they get too close); and “Human Form” which turns the player into a humanoid that might pass for one of the humans (I’m thinking that this form will allow for a ranged attack like humans have.)

I’m also planning on trying to implement little ‘event’ objects to make it so that running causes sound that will attract guards, guards can ‘yell’ to summon other guards, etc. We’ll see. After I do the shape shift mechanics.

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