Ten Hours Checkpoint

Posted by (twitter: @dManabreak)
April 16th, 2016 9:11 am

Okay, started ten hours ago, let’s recap a bit…


Got some music goin’ on! It’s not ready yet, but there’s not much to do to finish it. That’ll be¬†tomorrow. :)



Got surprisingly lot done today! There’s some sprites which still need some animation work, though, and that’ll take a lot of time tomorrow…

Level Design


The layout is pretty much done and some of the spawns are already placed. This will be the biggest thing left to polish tomorrow.


Basic input and shapeshifting code is done, yay! Also got a single AI type already working, and items can be collected. Tomorrow won’t have that much coding work to do, mainly just tuning and polishing, as well as implementing the “game over” conditions and bringing in the rest of the assets.

Overall, I’m happy about the progress I’ve had so far. Happy jamming, everyone!

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