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April 16th, 2016 6:52 pm

Heya Friends

We’re going for some isometric Hack&Slashing with shapeshifting environments against mostly harmless enemies. (Except they like to shove you gently into the deep abyss of the unknown)


We started the day with creating a level generator, which would randomly put tiles all over the place and then shove them together. It’s creating a nice floating Island character, which compliments the style we were going for with our environment props.



Good progress was made during our first day – we even got most¬†animations done and were having a blast with the Unity-Cloth simulations. Besides Camerasetup, programming the playercontroller and some postprocessing-magic these cute lil’ buggers already have been learning to¬†spawn at determined points ontop of geometry, to pursue their floaty business.

LD35_4 LD35_5

What’s missing for day 2 or even day 3 are to create some way of hurting those shades, creating enemy behaviour, put out some more shades to fight and implement the spawning of different biomes.

Also it wouldn’t hurt to get rid of the scatterbraining to write better blog-posts.
I guess we’ll catch some sleep to porbably go into a little more detail tommorow.




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