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April 16th, 2016 11:39 am

So for Mapped, you, the player, has no control over your shapeshifting abilities. This poses a slightly challenging aspect when trying to complete the storyline. The goal of the game is basically to map the world the player lives in. Now, the randomness of the shapeshifting makes it slightly more tricky to do that.  The map pieces are hidden in the different areas you can go to as certain animals. So basically, you are normally a human, but after a random amount of either 15-25 seconds, you can either be a human, a frog, a bird, or a pig. Now to go over the different abilities of each animal. For the pig, the only special thing is you move quite a bit quicker.  For the frog, you can enter watery areas such as lakes or rivers where there may, or may not, be map pieces. For the bird, the final form, you can hit the spacebar to fly, where there once again, may, or may not be map parts. It is also possible for the map pieces to be on the ground, surrounded by monsters. I may have gone overboard, but lets find out, shall we?

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