This Ludum Dare I knew I didn’t have time .. I was limited to about 15 hours of participation.

I thought I should give it a shot anyway but I think I’ve already made up my mind I’m not doing this at this point. I wasn’t prepared enough for this 15 hours challenge and I don’t feel like resuming.

Also I had no base code so everything is moving extra-slowly…

Still I’ve managed to learn something new, which is programming to canvas with JS.

Here’s the progress I’ve made so far:


If you’re interested in looking at where I stopped (for code references or for adopting the idea [i don’t really care], or even if you’re just VERY bored) here we go:

Click Here

(This is web-based)

So yeah so far I’ve participated 3 times… but this time I’m not participating..

I hope I’ll get the chance to participate once again in the future.

Have lots of fun and good luck!


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