End of Day 1

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April 16th, 2016 3:26 am

Alright, so over the past few days my friend @shakesoda and I (@LandonManning) have been preparing for another Daring Adventure. It turns out that basically all of our preparations were wasted, but fret not, we’ve made progress nonetheless!

As usual, we are using LOVE (Lua) to build our game. We have our own 3D code sitting on top of LOVE that works quite well. We will be using Blender for our 3D models, Audacity for any sfx or voice acting, Atom/VSCode as our text editor, and for the first time, we’re both running Linux!

To being, the boilerplate we prepared turned out to be older code than we wanted, and it caused a lot of problems. We pulled it from an old project and didn’t notice that it was totally wrong until the clock was already ticking. It took some extra time, but we finally got our systems back up and running, and a cube was being rendered. Next, we came up with a few ideas for various themes to give a bit of an edge, but we couldn’t think up anything interesting for Shapeshift. Ugh. We managed to rethink an idea we had for another theme and we actually like it. I’ll go more into it in another post, but the basis is that you’re in a rock-paper-scissors scenario, and you are always forced into the disadvantage.

Now for the positives! Even though we had a rocky start, I think we’re actually a bit ahead today. We have a fully working player controller, AABB-OBB collisions are being detected but not yet resolved (we’re having trouble figuring out how to get the hit vector/collision direction… Any help would be appreciated! Tweet me @LandonManning <3), and our basic rock-paper-scissors stuff is implemented. The screenshot below doesn’t really show much, but tomorrow we hope to have some of the art done and game mechanics implemented.

If you want to watch us dev, you can catch us on Twitch.

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