Crummy graphics, solid gameplay

Posted by (twitter: @frozenfractal)
April 16th, 2016 2:54 pm

Mine will be a 2D top-down puzzle game, inspired by The Talos Principle, Portal and of course Sokoban. The idea is that you can only perform particular actions when you’re in a certain shape (sorry about the squeezed GIF):


All the gameplay mechanics are in place: player movement, keys and doors, crate pushing, and of course shapeshifting! (Well, colour shifting at the moment.) The game gives you hints about what you can and cannot do.

There’s even a progress tracker / level switcher, which also lets me reload levels on the fly, which took just a few minutes to build but will save me so many restart cycles.

I have 5 levels so far, and I’m planning to have at least 5 more, for a total of hopefully 15 or so. This is my first time working with Haxe and HaxeFlixel, so I’m happy with my progress, but I’m still a bit nervous about still having over half the levels, a storyline, graphics, sound effects and music to be done tomorrow. But gameplay-wise, I think this is pretty solid already.

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