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April 16th, 2016 2:53 pm

Just as I was about to get upset because I had no gameplay ideas, Captain Inspiration came and rescued me.

Back when I came up with an idea of shifting planes, I knew it couldn’t go bad, I just need to take advantage of it. Today I threw away some complicated ideas, finished the core mechanics and made one level. Here is what I have:

Screenshot 5

equals to

Screenshot 6

Aha! You can go around that pillar to collect that shiny trinket!

Circular saws are inspired by Super Meat Boy, but I don’t plan to make my game difficult. Ideally, there will be several ways to finish a level in my game:

  • Bravely go forward, possibly losing some health due to not being a ninja.
  • Shift planes where needed, avoiding the most dangerous places.
  • Go slowly and collect powerups, which will make the game easier.
  • Maybe use your wits and avoid the danger completely, but puzzle elements might be difficult to implement. I didn’t originally plan to make a puzzle game.

Bad news, I have no time to make awesome levels.

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