LD35 Final Theme Roundup

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April 15th, 2016 4:00 pm

I’ve already talked about all the themes…For this post, I figured I could toss out a few ideas for each theme, with the idea being that if you can think of many ideas for a theme, it’s probably a good one.

Some, you’ll see, will be easier than others.

Remember: You don’t HAVE to follow the theme exactly, or even at all. However, there’s a “Theme” category in the scoring section. So, if you don’t follow the theme, people may give you low scores. If you can think of some angle on the theme that makes people go “Oh, I SEE how that relates”, then you’re probably in a good place.

By the way, I’ll be on IRC after the theme is announced, hanging out and brainstorming!

Shapeshift – Werewolves? Transformers? Either one of those could make a good RTS or XCom-ish tactical game. How about a story game with shapechangers trying to take over a nation. Or, a puzzle game where you change shapes to other shapes in order to fill in lines.

The light hurts you – The obvious one is a vampire going from shadow to shadow…so obvious that there’s already a series of games like this on Newgrounds. Other than that…a fantasy world where obsessive paladins hunt down nonhumans?

Mutation – A Fallout-style game where you use your mutations to progress. Or, same setting, but XCom style. (Anyone remember Gamma World? Anyone?) You could also do a genetics-oriented game, where you breed plants (or other organisms) to do stuff with useful mutations. Or hey, anything involving X-Men-like characters.

Indirect Control – I immediately think of Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper, and so on. A Pokemon style game might work, if your “mons” don’t necessarily obey you. On a completely different tack, maybe you are trying to control a nation from behind the scenes?

You are the Dungeon – Dungeon Keeper fits here as well; you are, in a sense, the “spirit” of the dungeon, and heroes invade your “body”. Or…How about a roguelike taking place inside the human body, where the player is a white blood cell fighting off disease? (“Some friendly bacteria are doing a colony management sim in my head…” —Tarn Adams) You could also do a weird thing where you are some sort of giant statue, maybe a god, or the things from Shadow of the Colossus; and people wander around inside you. Oh, maybe a Saberhagenesque Berserker?

Create Life – Terraforming. God game. Breed plants. A science thriller where people investigate the origins of life.

Death is Progress – You jump onto spikes, and your corpse stays there, and your next “life” is able to jump on it…or you use corpses to hold down buttons, etc..

You don’t control the Hero – I seem to recall some game where you were a squire, in charge of the inventory of a party of heroes; you had to arrange stuff in your bag, then toss out potions when people needed them. (I may be mixing together two games…) Also, a game where someone was sleepwalking, and you had to arrange objects for them to walk on and avoid danger.

Adaptation – The obvious way is to adapt a famous work (book, movie, architecture(?)) into your game. (Tacoma Narrows Bridge Simulator, anyone?) Or, what about an astronaut who lands on an alien planet and has to survive using local materials? Or, a game about engineering plants and animals for terraforming purposes.

Build your way out – A stranded astronaut trying to build a rocket, like Factorio. Or, like Minecraft, but you’re…stuck in the bottom of a hole?

Limited View – Like in DOOM 3 where you can either shine your flashlight or shoot, but not both. Or, maybe you have a constrictive helmet.

Microworld – I had this idea about a giant robot, and you enter the robot and there are guys trying to maintain it, and then you shrink down and enter a circuit, and you have to debug circuitry problems…Other than that, just shrink down and explore something. Fantastic Voyage, perhaps?

Two Colors – Uh…well, any monochrome game, I guess, like a Game Boy game. Or…Shift? Arguably Portal could fit this, with blue and orange…that’s a stretch though…

One Item, Choose – There’s a choice of three things at the beginning, and depending on which one you pick, the game is totally different?

One Massive Enemy – Shadow of the Colossus. Or, what was that other one, something about titans? How about those giant bosses in the R-Type games?

Companion – Recruit companions to help you on different quests. Look up things in your guidebook. Maybe one of those games where one person is defusing a bomb, and the other has a manual?

Everything is Connected – A story game where initially disparate events turn out to be related, or to converge on something.

3 Rules – Uh…a world where there are only three laws?

Everything Falls Apart – Some sort of dystopia, I guess, or apocalypse.

Limited resources – Literally anything.

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  1. KunoNoOni says:

    One Massive Enemy does not have to literally be 1 huge boss, think about the movie 300. 300 men vs 1000000 men, now that is one massive enemy. :)

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