Here’s my base code. It’s what I ended up with after some Ludum Dare jam entry (yes, that one that had nothing to do with the theme but was supposed to have something to do with bombing buildings), a couple of One Hour Game Jams and a few other experiments. It has a rather hacky OpenGL wrapper, and by hacky I mean I have to fake a depth buffer on a console that does not have a depth buffer. Let that sink in. (Or not, as the solution for that is rather elegant. Texture warping, on the other hand, still requires you to subdivide polygons in a suitable fashion.)

It hasn’t been touched in a while, and since I last touched the code my hard drive started crapping out and bad sectoring so I decided to get a new hard drive and chuck CRUX Linux on (goodbye for now FreeBSD, stay classy, don’t do systemd, and don’t do meth) and then copy all my stuff over. I’ve heard Void Linux is the way to go these days but until this hard drive craps out (It’s a Seagate 1TB SSHD Hybrid) I’ll have to struggle some more. Oh well, at least the graphics drivers no longer get wedged at random points and require a reboot, and no longer do I get garbage spewing everywhere on my screen.

Here’s what happens when I try to compile it with GCC 5.3.0:


(EDIT: what WOULD be pictured if the site wasn’t broken: a demonstration of the text not working properly – turns out it’s using the wrong CLUT, AKA palette. the font is completely fine.)

Mostly working but the text is buggered. No idea why, as the font is in VRAM. Everything else appears to be functional, although I’m not sure if this thing has the SPU RAM loading screen, and it’s kinda hard to test if the controller inputs work when you need to read the font to see what the hell is actually going on.

I blame $gp. That thing always bites you in the arse when you’re trying to just get things working.

Timewise I may be a bit too restricted to actually get something working. We’ll see.

My setup:

  • Editor: VIM
  • Graphics: pixra and/or GIMP
  • Sound: SunVox
  • Music: SchismTracker (yep, I’m still using that s3m player!)
  • Engine: Base code as linked above
  • Libraries: Base code, newlib, f3m (in base code)
  • Physics: None. What, you think I’d bring pre-made physics to a Ludum Dare?

I actually have a game idea too, so I may actually end up with something. We can’t not have a PS1 entry, dammit!

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