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April 15th, 2016 7:52 pm

I’m in for my 7th solo-compo LD.

Last time I got first place in compo Fun, which was always my target category.  I guess now I have to try something new!

So this time I think I’m going to switch from a pixel style in GraphicsGale to a vector style in Inkscape.  It will still be programmer art but hopefully I can learn basic competence and/or blatantly rip off real artists.

Here is my art test…


art test



Yeah, it’s a blatant ripoff with tweaks, from the famous tutorial here:


For sound effects I will either use the traditional bfxr, or I may revisit the process I improved last time with PsychoTennis, which is to use a chiptune synthesizer as the core of my sound effects, and apply a bit of music theory to make them harmonious.

For an engine I will use Unity, and I will begin with my “Unity LD Starter Kit” codebase.  Since I’ll be using UnityGUI instead of the “old stuff” this time, my codebase will be lacking in some UI bits, which could prove trouble… or maybe will go smoothly.  Right??

It’s extremely unlikely I will attempt music for the first time during the compo.

Have fun, everyone!

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