Guys, Fund LD!

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April 15th, 2016 4:58 pm

I just noticed the new sidebar indicating Mike Kasperzak’s monthly earnings. When he first put out the request for pledges I put down 3 dollars a month, figuring that there must be a thousand people at least that commited. I am not the household income earner, so I didn’t want to pledge more unless it was neccesary. Then a few months ago a poll was sent around about having advertisers, something that I personally am against. I wrote so and some reasons why, then doubled my pledge. Seeing these new numbers, I increased to 15 because something needs to be done.

The numbers are going DOWN. I dislike trying to guilt people into doing things, but if even a tenth of the people participating were to submit that original 3 dollars (36 dollars USD a year remember, a bit over 40 in Canadian) that would easily exceed the goal.

36 thousand dollars minus taxes and expenses is basically a living wage, is that so much to ask for this bastion of creativity and gaming pleasure? Please, give generously…or even UN-generously, but give something. Surely we can all agree that LD is worth having one less bag of chips every month. Look at what you are making me write! I HATE asking people to do stuff.


Don't make the wealthy hispanic man cry!

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