I’m in for the Compo

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April 14th, 2016 11:14 am

What the title says.


Well, this is gonna be my 4th LDĀ  Compo so far. My first two were made from scratch using Java and OpenGL, and did not go so well. Last time I used Unity to make my entry Torque, which I think turned out really well and ranked 64th place in fun!

Now This time I will be using the beta Unity version on Linux…. I know, I know, you never want to use beta releases in a LD, but I think it should turn out fine. I was able to put my last entry into the workspace and it all worked fine with no crashing. Plus I have everything ready to go on windows too in case it doesn’t work out.


Also, I’ll be using LMMS to make music this time. Now, all my past games have had no music, only the last one had sound at all. So lately I’ve been tinkering with LMMS and am completely overwhelmed by it and have only made one song (more of a tune). But anyways I do have the capability to make music now, and if I somehow come up with a song in the middle of it all, I’ll be fine.

Yeah….. don’t hold your breath on it though.


Anyways here is what I’ll be using:

Linux (Ubuntu 14.04),

Windows 10 (In the event that things go horribly wrong with Linux unity),







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