An ancient voice whispers…

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April 14th, 2016 1:57 pm

“You have to Shapeshift, when The light hurts you.
Your Mutation is in Indirect Control, and even that You are the Dungeon that wants to Create Life, Death is Progress!
You don’t control the Hero, and without further Adaptation you will never be able to Build your way out.
You have a Limited View of this Microworld in Two Colors, and now that it’s your last One Item, Choose One Massive Enemy as Companion
When Everything is Connected in 3 Rules and Everything Falls Apart, you must thrive with Limited resources of 48 or 72 hours!”

And so I’m in

Code/Engine: Visual Studio 2013 (C#) / Unity 3D 5.4
Art: Corel PaintShop Pro X8
3DModel: Blender / Sculptris
Music: FL Studio 11

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  1. meyade says:

    I love the eldritch feel most of your games have! I’m looking forward to playing your entry for 35th ^^

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