LD35 Pre-Natum

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April 14th, 2016 9:43 pm

It is traditional for Ludum Dare participants to write a post-mortum after the jam, in which they share their process, their successes and failure and what they learned. I always promise I’ll write a post-mortum, but never do. I do write a pre-competition post though – a pre-natum.

Lets get the main formality out of the way first: I’m in.

With that out of the way, I’m changing my approach to Ludum Dare. This time I’m coming in with an actual plan. My plan is very simple, but often very hard to actually follow: 24 hours of feature development, 24 hours of bugfixing and polish. That’s it. Sounds easy, but can be really hard to actually do. The allure of adding features and pushing back bugfixing can be overwhelming! As to the theme, it will get announced at 3AM on Saturday my time, so I’ll be able to sleep on it and get a plan going for the type of game I’ll be developing. With the changes to the voting system, I can’t really predict which theme will win this time, and with as many choices as there are, it’s impossible to make a plan for each of them.

Even more so than the game development portion, I look forward to playing other participants’ games. That is always a lot of fun. Reading written feedback on my entries is also often insightful. In terms of numeric ratings, I don’t really give much thought to them. I care way more about the written feedback.

What I also hope to do is to re-enable my voting analysis tool soon after voting starts and to do a site scrape soon after the results are available.

Have fun, everyone! 😀

Lastly, just the obligatory list of used software:
Engine: Unity
Models: Blender
Graphics: Inkscape, Photoshop Elements
Voice and Music: Reaper, XMedia Recode, Audacity
Source control: SourceTree (Git)
Backend: PHP/ MySQL / JSON / Google Analytics
Timelapse: Autoscreen, MakeAvi, Premiere Elements

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