Sixth time in LD, but…

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April 13th, 2016 6:36 pm

Hello guys, this will be the sixth time I do something for Ludum Dare, BUT, will be the first I do alone. I’m trying to get a different experience this time – not the other times were not different. Actually, me and my friends always try to do absolutely different things one of another, and this gave to us more vision of what it work and what not work in a LD game. And the principal to get a successful LD game: focus in only ONE goal to your game. Fun, feel, beautiful art, etc. It’s a short time, so… to give our best, we have to focus in a single objective.

You can see my older LD games here with something that I learned of each one:

#1 – My first game, made in Flash – this was before I learn Unity. It was really hard to get finished. Too much things for a flash game in 3 days.
Do Androids Dream of Freedom

#2 – My second game was not finished – still in flash and a bigger mechanical scope – yep, doesn’t work.
No link  :(

#3 – A catch-up local multiplayer game – it was a very fun game, and made success in local events but… who test in LD community is alone, so explains the low ratings. Keep that in mind for your game. I’m not complaining, I liked to have done it. You just have to know the ways to achieve the goal of your game.
Catch Pet

#4 – A battle game based on turns with some kind of “guitar hero” mechanic. – I did not participate in the creation and planning, I only did the animations. So… here it is.
The Last Walker

#5 – A samurai killer becomes a monster and terminate all your enemies in front of him. This was made by me and only other friend. So, the only goal was really needed. Fun in gameplay. We reached 9º in Fun with this game. :)


Good LD to all!


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