LD35 Round 4 Theme Roundup

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April 13th, 2016 7:08 am

Let’s go ahead and get some personal opinions on the Round 4 themes…

Everything Falls Apart – The centre cannot hold, mere anarchy…er, sorry, flashed back to high school English for a moment. Anyway, I don’t know, there are certainly a lot of things that could “fall apart” like societies, platforms, puzzle blocks…If this were chosen, I could come up with something, but it doesn’t really excite me.

Limited resources – As opposed to what, unlimited resources? Can we name a game that DOESN’T involve limited resources?

Adapt to Survive – That’s kinda cool…wait, didn’t we have “Adaptation” in a previous round?

You are Hunted – Ehhh. More of a “setting” or “story” than anything else, seems to limit the game to an action sort of thing. Maybe you’re being headhunted…as in, someone wants to hire you?

Planets – Yeah, but…that’s just, like, a setting…

Time and Space – Hmmm. Well, arguably, basically ALL games are about time and space. Still, if we could talk about space travel or time travel…it’s certainly a wide open theme.

Your weapon is your Enemy – Eh, there have already been some games like this. Tumiki Fighters? Messiah? I’m not sure there’s much design space here.

It’s not a bug, it’s a Feature – Heh…Well, as amusing as this would be, I’m afraid it would be too difficult. You’d have to come up with something that seems weird, but creates interesting gameplay? I’m not sure how many people would be able to do that…

Experimentation – Speaking in the abstract, games are already all about this. Still, it might be cool to have some science experiment games.

Nature vs. Technology – Admittedly, that’s more of a “setting” than “mechanics” theme, but it DOES seem to have some interesting possibilities…

Self-Destruction – Well, it’s either one of those “stand on your own corpse” games…Or you could talk about addiction, or maybe depression. I guess that could work…

Orbiting – I don’t know, would we just end up with a lot of games about flying spaceships?

Keep Moving – Really vague.

Four Classic Elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air) – Eh…I could come up with something, but it’s so wide open, you can basically make any game you want…

Infected – Well, there ARE a lot of zombie games. And ‘plague’ games. And even games about computer viruses. I suppose it would work.

Choose your Poison – So you’re an assassin or something? Or how about that bartender game, VA-11 HALL-A? I’m not seeing much design space, though.

Don’t be a hero – Hmmmm…There are one or two interesting ideas here, but I’m afraid we’ll see a whole bunch of the same kind of game.

Negative Space – This is a visual arts term, right? I mean, we already have the Shift games, do we need more?

Shapeshifting – That’s kind of…wait, didn’t we have “Shapeshift” in round 1?

Only 1 Shot – There are a bunch of games where you try to kill several things with one shot and some physics elements. There’s also Eminem. Beyond that, I dunno…

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