I’m in for LD35!!

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April 12th, 2016 10:07 pm

i'm in!!!

I’m gonna be using Godot for the first time in a game jam~

Here’s my basecode. (I may update it before LD begins.) It’s just a few scripts! It’s got:

“camerashake” — Ya gotta have camera shake. shared on the godot Q&A. Thanks!

“state” — I ported kpulv’s AS3 state machine over to gdscript. Super useful.

“input_help” — Only one I wrote. Makes it easier to check keys, flashpunk style. Feel free to use it, but there may be bugs!

EDIT: wrote another bit of code! Added it to the zip.

“music_player” — a simple music player that allows for crossfading between tracks and playing music between scenes. Not heavily tested yet but I think I squashed most of the bugs.

Other than Godot, I’ll be using ASEprite for graphics, LabChirp for sfx (love it!), and FL or famitracker for music.

Stoked!! Good luck guys and gals!


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  1. Strike says:

    Haha, cute GIF 😉

  2. wg_phancock says:

    I have been thinking of trying Godot as well. Been following its development for a while and I’m Interested to see if it starts showing up more in jams.

    • fluidvolt says:

      You know, I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks now but I’m very impressed with it! Quick workflow and intuitive, if a bit different. And, even though it uses its own language, it’s easy to learn in a week or two if you already program.

      It does seem like Godot doesn’t make a big showing at jams like these, huh? Hope it continues to pick up steam. The live editing alone is something I’m excited to try out in a jam setting — helps iteration, I’d wager! I suppose this weekend will put Godot to the test, for me.

      But yeah, I’d definitely recommend giving it a shot sometime!

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