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April 11th, 2016 2:00 pm

So I’ll try to participate if I have time. This will be my 4th LD competition (I’ll probably do the compo)

This time instead of using my crappy engine I’ll be using something that doesn’t suck – the Love2d engine/framework.

Usually I program in Java, so I thought I would try LibGDX, but I didn’t even get past setting it all up and just kinda ragequit. Meanwhile Love2d is pretty much as simple as it gets to set up. Though I’ve only dabbled in Lua for like a few days, but hopefully I won’t run into many problems during LD.

Anyway, without further ado, the tools:

  • Language: Lua
  • Engine: Love2d
  • IDE/code editor: Notepad++ (if anyone has any better suggestions for this do tell me)
  • Graphics: Inkscape, Gimp (don’t know how well this is gonna go, graphics have always been my weakness)
  • SFX/Music: REAPER, Audacity

Think that’s about it… I guess maybe I should look into some sort of level editors or something…

Welp, good luck all and have fun!

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  1. dcRfj15 says:

    I *personally* use the love-ide plugin for the Atom editor when I use Love2D + Lua. I have liked it thus far. That being said, I would imagine that Notepad++ is good also (haven’t used it though, so I can’t comment on the differences).

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