LD 35 Round 3 Theme Roundup

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April 11th, 2016 1:45 pm

I suppose if I’ve come this far, I should go ahead and give my own opinions on the round 3 themes, right?

Companion – Though I’m afraid it’s a bit vague, I kinda like this. Let’s have more games where you interact with companions! Or, how about a game where you have a “companion” text that gives you guidance, like the Junior Woodchuck’s Guidebook?

Everything is Connected – Pretty vague…I mean, I could probably come up with something. A cyberpunk world where everything is hackable? Or something philosophical about consequences?

Nowhere is Safe – Eh…Kind of presupposes an action game?

Be the Environment – There are certainly SOME interesting things you could do, like you’re an AI that runs a factory when thieves break in, so you set traps…Or you are literally Mother Nature. But is that enough for an entire LD?

Non-violent game mechanics – This doesn’t seem that restrictive to me. Although, maybe if you focus on games that are “traditionally” violent and change them…eh, it still doesn’t excite me.

3 Rules – A video game is composed of a lot more than 3 rules! Well, you could make a board game with only 3 rules, but that’s very simplistic. Can you even summarize checkers in 3 rules? Maybe you can make up a society that has 3 laws, but we’re kinda reaching here.

The Environment is your Enemy – That’s fine, but this is a theme that has really been done a lot, from Minecraft to Don’t Starve to Factorio (pollution good, environment bad!).

Parallel Worlds – That’s kind of cool. There might be some good action puzzle games in that, or philosophical story games.

The game is aware of the player – As opposed to what? The game being completely unresponsive to input? Obvious jokes aside, I guess it would be something like Pony Island? There are one or two interesting ideas here, but I’m not seeing much design space…

The Moon – … What about it?

Death is Key to Victory – Doesn’t that hold true for lots of games? “I made an FPS! You have to kill enemies! Their death is key to your victory!” Or you could do one of those “walking on your own corpses” thing. Not much design space though…

Consequences – Well, sure. But that’s like “exploration” or “discovery”, it applies to ANY game.

Only 3 Colours – So what? That’s just graphics.

No instructions – Excuse me? If there are no instructions, how does the player know what to do? The player’s most likely action is to say “Well this is dumb, I’m playing something else”. This is crap.

No Text Allowed – Yeah, I…Wait, didn’t we have “No text” in round 1?

Ecosystem – Oh hey, this is one I suggested! I like the idea of actually messing around with ecosystem. You could do terraforming…You could also take it metaphorically, like a market ecosystem.

Safety in Numbers – Didn’t we…oh, “Power in Numbers” in round 1. This is more boring than that one.

Unconventional Movement – I guess that’s good. Of course, with all the games that have the player moving in an odd way, how many are left? I guess there are probably some still left.

You are the Final Boss – It’s sort of intriguing, but I’m not sure just how many games we can squeeze out of it. It’s kinda difficult to wrap your head around it.

Space Exploration – Not totally bad, but it seems a bit limiting. You have to write a game about exploring stars or planets. Unless you talk about ‘mindspace’, maybe…or typography?

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  1. glaze_96 says:

    Funny you made that suggestion, ecosystem, that was the only one I voted for in round 3 =)

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