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April 11th, 2016 1:19 pm

Hello everyone!

I’m doing LD for the 7th time, and this time, I’m going to try making a HTML5 version of my game, and I have added a new backend for my own game engine. I did so much work, wrote WebGL bindings for GWT (Google Web Toolkit), written an OpenAL implementation for the web, so I might not have the time for writing a graphics abstraction and audio abstraction, so using OpenGL/OpenAL directly this time.

To get easy with creating the multi project build (now the same codebase compiles to HTML5 and also desktop) I’m using Gradle, and wrote a project creator tool which allows me to quickly create a project with a package name, and the main class name. I learnt JavaFX in an hour to make this user interface, and this is what I did after coding straight for a few hours.

SilenceEngine Project Creator

This does most of the heavy lifting for me, as my engine has low level bindings to OpenGL/OpenAL, and a cross platform build chain, written completely in Java, using LWJGL 3 for the desktop backend, and using WebGL4J and GWT-AL which are my own libraries for the HTML5 backend.

Other than those, here are the tools that I will be using for this LD. I’m aiming to learn time management this time, I have to save some time in the end for polishing my game (all my previous LD entries are unpolished unfortunately), but I have to see how I will perform, since my end semester exams in college are going on at the same time. Any way, here are the tools.

  • SilenceEngine – of course, I will use my own engine

  • SEProjectCreator – Generates my build script, so I need not tweak them for different names in hurry

  • Gradle – The build system

  • IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1 Ultimate – The IDE that I use

  • GIMP & Inkscape – For sprites / art

  • Krita – For backgrounds

  • BeepBox.co – For making background music tracks

  • Bfxr.net – For making sound effects

And that’s it for this time friends, hope I learn something new. By the way, I’m also planning to do live streaming, mostly either on Youtube or LiveCoding.tv (I don’t like Twitch, it’s a bit hard to set up).

I’m IN this time!!!

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