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April 10th, 2016 5:24 am

LD is an opportunity to grow!



I always try to view LD as an opportunity to learn something new.

In preparation of LD this time I’ve spent some time last week doing a bunch of pre-LD experiments to learn about new things that I’ve never done before, to be prepared in case I end up using any of them, and don’t have to spend too much time wrapping my head around a new concept when LD actually starts and time matters!

Seems like a good practice, and therefore I recommend it! Spread your wings. Fly!

I’ve been focusing on exploring new programming concepts this time ’round, but surely this is also a useful practice to apply to graphics and audio and so on.

Here are my little experiments so far:

metaballar_LITN_LD_200tyngdepotet_LITN_LD_200formterreng_LITN_LD_400procgen_bsp_4_LITN_LD_200ASTAR 2

1. Metaballs (info)
2. Super Mario Galaxy style gravity in 2D (checking normals and so on)
3. Deformable terrain in 3D (info)
4. Procedural room generation using BSP algorithm (info, info, info)
5. A* pathfinding (applied to BSP room!) (info, info)

Also did this a little while ago, tho more in preparation for a job application than LD:


6. 3D character camera test


In general I need to work more on 3D, and I’ve started taking an interest in procedural generation, something I’ve barely ever touched at all until I made this BSP dungeon test today (changed it a bit to make more of a house with doors directly through walls instead of the dungeon rooms connected by corridors as described on the info pages I linked, tho).


You still have a few days left, so I warmly recommend playing around with things you want to know how to do but don’t know how just yet. Maybe you’ll get a chance to use it for your LD game!

Also read and search the web a lot — you’ll find out about possibilities you’d never imagined before~

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