Round 1 Theme Roundup

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April 9th, 2016 8:29 pm

These are, of course, merely my own opinions. If you don’t agree…sorry?

Shapeshift – Seems like this has a lot of good possibilities. The obvious route is something with werewolves, but how about a spaceship that can change its shape to dodge bullets or fit through tunnels? I’m sure there are some good puzzle games in here too.

The light hurts you – Eh, this seems pretty limiting in the amount of mechanics it might inspire.

Mutation – This sounds like it has lots of possibilities. Admittedly, a lot of them are ‘story’ rather than ‘mechanics’, but I find it interesting. How about games about genetics?

Evolution – Admittedly, I have a soft spot for this one. Of course, it was done once before…

Indirect Control – It’s a bit vague, but aside from the obvious Dungeon Keeper/Dwarf Fortress stuff, you could think about a political game with “powers behind the throne”…

Exploration – This is about the vaguest you could get, given that just about every game features exploration of some kind.

You are the Dungeon – Weird. I don’t think I ever would have thought of that. Kind of limiting in that there has to be a “dungeon”, but it might spawn some odd things?

Fortress – Vague, although you could do any sort of RTS or building sort of game…I wonder if it’s possible to look at it metaphorically?

Create Life – It’s been done a few times in games, but not very often. Perhaps it would be nice to have a bunch of games focused on this. How about a game where you “get a life”?

Power in Numbers – Sure, you can do RTS, but what about the mystical properties of numbers themselves, or numbered spells?

Playing Both Sides – I’m not seeing many possibilities here. Either you play chess against yourself, or you do a story game where you infiltrate two kingdoms?…actually that second one sounds pretty cool, but it’s still a bit limiting.

Killing isn’t needed – Great, fine, but pretty vague. Lots of games don’t require killing.

Death is Progress – Eh. This could be applied to any war game. Or one of those “jump onto your own corpses” games. Not really seeing much else…

Non Violent Weapon – This does have some possibilities; you could do an action or puzzle game, or a story game.

You don’t control the Hero – Something like Lemmings? Or wasn’t there a game where you had to protect a sleepwalking guy? I dunno, I’m not seeing much else here.

Upgrade – Admittedly rather vague, but it might be nice to delve into this topic and see what new mechanics can be unearthed.

Artificial Life – I kinda like this; it can be taken in a few different ways. You could terraform a world like in Spore, you could have robots wanting rights…You could even talk about life somewhere completely artificial, like a person who never leaves one building, or lives on a space station.

You are your own bullet – I…don’t know? You launch your character around the screen? No idea what else.

You only have 3 minutes – Vague.

No Text – This might be interesting. It’d be cool to see new types of UI. Even though I was considering a Choice of Games game…

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  1. taviandir says:

    if it becomes “Shapeshift” i hope to see some cool, freaky psychological geometric-based games!

    “You only have 3 minutes” is like a bad version of the previous theme “10 seconds”

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