Walpurgis Night

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April 8th, 2016 7:30 pm

Hello all. I’m definitely in for the upcoming Ludum Dare. In fact, I never miss one… if you ignore all the ones I missed.

One of the Ludum Dare game jams I definitely did enter a few years ago was MLD47 with its theme “Humble Beginnings.” For this I created Fireworks, a remake of my first ever from-scratch game, which was a survival shmup (or dodge ’em up, I guess!) set in a fireworks display. Later, when I was moving into the realms of mobile development I ported this over into an APK, both to get a feel for the platform and so I had something to play on the train. It got the interest of a few people and my friends encouraged me to create a full version. So I did.

There are a lot of changes over the original game, especially when it comes to the amount of content. There are multiple levels with unique patterns, the patterns themselves are a lot more interesting, and collecting spent fireworks results in a chaining system. The different levels and skill-based time skips mean it hits a variety of difficulties but keeps the sessions quite small. Instead of the clock being a set target the game is now endless, but at key milestones (1, 2, 3 minutes) you unlock stars for opening additional levels… Hopefully there is a lot here to sate the bullet hell aficionado.



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