I’m not in, but my game is out…

Posted by (twitter: @Split82)
April 8th, 2016 3:59 pm

Unfortunately I won’t be able to participate this time, because I won’t have any free time, but I have short announcement to make.
For Ludum Dare #26 I made simple game called Chameleon Run.


Year and half ago I decided to work on that more and create something which could be released on mobile devices.

Yesterday the new Chameleon Run was released on iOS and on Android today. It’s featured by Apple as Editor’s choice and in top 10 paid games right now, which makes me really happy. Here’s the complete story if you are interested http://www.noodlecake.com/the-story-of-chameleon-run/

And here’s the final game:

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  1. Geckoo1337 says:

    Hi Split82.
    It’s sad to hear that you cannot participate this time. Generally, our projects are among my favorites – you did always something which is really interesting with a pleasant aesthetic and an attractive gameplay. Temple of RĂ¢ were one of these games that caught my attention. I sent you some mails so as to share with you some idea, but you have never answered. You are busy. I understand.
    I know that in the past, someone has stolen your first Chameleon project to do an mobile application. If you did something with this first project, I am happy for you and I am glad to hear of your success. I wish you the best. Maybe next time ++

  2. Split82 says:

    Hi Geckoo1337 glad to hear this from you.
    I don’t remember receiving any emails from you. Where did you send them?

  3. Geckoo1337 says:

    I don’t remember. I wrote this mail after that you did Blink Gun game. Maybe one year ago. I used an address which was available on your own projects page.

  4. humble says:

    I enjoyed readying your untold story post, it was great to see where you came from and see part of your visuals iterative process to final game. I hope you gave your wife kudos in the credits too. :)

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