heldensagen – day 3+

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March 29th, 2016 8:02 am

claire and sam are doing great artwork – we have two cool character portraits, great ship models and some icons based on those on the way. i’ve focused mostly on making the hex map, camera controller etc look & feel nice. finished a very basic skeleton for the interface for choosing moves and am finally inching into the gameplay itself.

i know there’s an interesting tactics game to be made from the ideas we’ve had, i’m not sure we’re going to find it by the time the jam ends – but i know i’m going to keep at after the jam until we do! i worked out how i want the computer player to take moves against you, so it really is just a matter of crawling through the implementation until submission time ;-;

i’ve also been putting in small sounds (often forgotten in jam games!) just a few switch noises for button presses and move rotation, ambient engine hum for the fleets, and (at the beginning actually) some creative commons performance of a piece by mahler (one of the many many compositions featured in legend of the galactic heroes)

the game looks, feels, and sounds great already! just need the full set of assets and to complete the gameplay lol

hex menu for fleets

hex menu for fleets

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