MiniLD 66 Announcement

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March 2nd, 2016 6:15 pm

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It’s time for MiniLD #66. It will take place during the week from March 26th to April 2nd. We’re the Atomic Vikings, we’re a small group of developers often joining together to make games during game jams. One of which games was a small RTS game called “Atomic Space Vikings”. This game contributed to the fact that we chose the theme for Mini Ludum Dare #66 to be:






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Extensive research (we asked a few people about it) has led us to the conclusion that there aren’t enough real strategy games coming out lately.

Why? A common argument is that writing RTS games is difficult, and that’s the myth we’re going to debunk! In our opinion, the RTS genre has a lot of room to grow. With resource management, AI and big worlds to explore all being characteristics of RTS games, you only have to change a few elements in your game to create a refreshing new game in the genre.The issue of difficulty can also be addressed by looking at Dune II. The graphics and sound are trivial compared to today’s standards. It is the game systems that make the game.


Do I have to work alone? * No. You are allowed to work alone or in a team

How much time do I have? * About a week give or take

What assets can I use? * Any of which you have the right to use

Does my game have to be an RTS game or can I make a tycoon game? * Go nuts, as long as it is in the spirit of the “strategy” genre. But we would really love to see reimaginings of the early RTS games.

Does my game need to be awesome? * Yes. Yes it has to be. We’re sure it will be.

Potatoes? * Yes.

Bacon? * No.

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71 Responses to “MiniLD 66 Announcement”

  1. Evergreen Games says:

    What?! No bacon?!

  2. I don’t mind making another RTS, but RTS was a Mini LD theme about 2.5 years ago (has it really been that long already?)

    Here was my entry, Ninja Squad Commander.

    I’ve really learned a lot since then, so I’m anxious to see how much better I can make an RTS now. Too bad this Mini LD doesn’t start until the end of the month, but that will give me time to put some finishing touches on the game that I made for the last Mini LD.

  3. xWarZonex says:

    Give me bacon, or give me death.

  4. pixzleone says:

    Ohhh, I think I’m in! Might try my luck at online multiplayer again 😀

  5. Arowx says:

    This could be so cool, as Unity are bringing out 5.4 around March 16th the first version with DirectX 12 support and with Instancing (drawing lots with less impact on FPS) so it opens the way for ‘massive’ armies (hardware and platform dependent).

    Although there is potential for super simple 2D RTS games like WAR-O-MATIC (LD34)

    • Arowx says:

      OK Update Unity 5.4 is a beta release but it does have Instancing and Improvements to DX12 so could give your RTS a boost in Unit counts but you should test it first to ensure it is stable enough to work with.

  6. Arowx says:

    What about April fools based RTS games or apps?

  7. mohammad says:

    Ok, I’m totally on board with this.

  8. ambi says:

    Will there be voting? Even coolness? Or are we just supposed to comment on the various entries?

  9. protomug says:

    What about bacon stuffed potatoes? Are those allowed?

  10. SpringCabal says:

    Hey, you may want to check out the SpringRTS engine:
    It’s an RTS engine with a lot of good existing games you can see at We’ve been using it in the past 3 Ludum Dare competitions, and it’s looking good. We have forums here if you have any questions: (there’s also a lobby you can get with #sy and #moddev channels that have developers which can help out online:

    I hope this won’t come off as just an ad, but at least it’s all open source and free, so there’s no money involved if you decide to use it :)

  11. Virshul says:

    I’ve wanted to make an RTS for so long. Hopefully, this finally gets me motivated enough to start one. I’ll have to do some research on Theta* pathfinding.

  12. das_Kaesebrot says:

    Hi I am very new to LD and I wondered. Is it reasonable to anounce the gloal before the mini-LD even begins? I thought the meaning of a LD-week was to be confronted with the theme and task just when the LD starts?

    • This is a mini ludum dare. So not an official big one. The rules are not so hard as in a real ludum dare. A mini ludum dare is there to fill the time between the big ludum dares. Normaly you would have only 48h/72h to make a game. Here you have 1 week. This is the reason why you are able to see the theme directly. Mini ludum dares are only for fun :-) To find the date for the next big ludum dare wait for the announcement or look in the upper left corner on this website. There is a countdown timer to show you when the next big ld is starting.

  13. PSDuckie says:

    Would making a game in the form of a Warcraft 3 or Starcraft 2 map count for this? I have an idea for one but I’m not sure if it would be within the scope of the MiniLD.

  14. CodeNMore says:

    I hope I have time to do this, I’ve always wanted to make an RTS game!

  15. Ragzouken says:

    think i’m in for this!

  16. fenwick says:

    If you include live action cutscenes, you should automatically win.

  17. goffmog says:

    This is a great idea, there are definitely not enough single-player focused RTS games for me. What I’d love to see is something with a campaign that takes me back to the Warcraft III or even the Command & Conquer days. What I’d also love to see is a really streamlined grand strategy game. Something like Europa Universalis or Crusader Kings but where you can manage a complete playthrough in half an hour or so.

    The challenge with single-player RTS, sooner or later, comes down to the AI – which is fiendishly difficult to get right. You take one of two approaches, either you need an AI that really understands how to play the game, or you need carefully scripted missions where the AI is allowed to cheat a bit. Either of these approaches can be a complete disaster. So it’s much more attractive these days to focus on multiplayer, or just make a MOBA.

  18. harukiya says:

    Is anyone going to need music for their game (somewhat rhetorical question)? I’ve never done a miniLD before and would like to try the challenge of writing really quickly. I guess respond to this message if you’re interested (is there a better way to coordinate on the LD site?)


  19. Xinelu says:

    Hey, i need to ask

    On the last Ludum Dare i make a RTs who bugged alot =(

    Can i remake this project for this jam? 😛

  20. mysterymansion says:

    totally in! is there anything else i need to do to sign up/register? i’ve got a team ready

  21. TajamSoft says:


    Always wanted to make an RTS, but never got into it, will finish my SFML engine as training before it starts :)

  22. jdoughty says:

    If anyone needs a base to start with, I’ve been working on an RTS base in Haxe (similar to AS3 and can publish to web/mobile for free using haxedevelop):

  23. MintArcade says:

    Interesting. I always wanted to make RTS, now it’s a good excuse to make one and didn’t call it “side-project” 😀 I’m in! Just thinking steam-punk or sci-fi?

  24. NeiloGD says:

    Ahh yes, another 7DFPS! I think I might be in for this.

  25. Aaranos says:

    Practicing the core code a bit before the actual miniLD, hope to complete a submission for it.

  26. moldfire says:

    I think I will also take part in this, a little warm up before the main event. 😀

  27. Mantlair says:

    So im like, IN. Part of my exams are over and im in a gap time so. IM IN! YEA! (If nothing else happens.) Ill start tomorrow. (Probably.) And biggest challenge will be AI for me. So I might go for a Capture the Castle thingy. So AI will be firing arrows. No big deal huh! (I should not say that probably.) Anyways… GL & HF everyone!

  28. Arowx says:

    OK I’m going to try and make a simple Unity RTS framework/example that can be used in the jam.

  29. De11ed says:

    God dammit if I’m not gonna try this time to get something done! Although it collides with #LowRezJam, which I’m also excited about… Damn it!!

  30. taviandir says:

    I am definitely in for this Mini LD! A friend and I tried to make an RTS in the Jam but we failed that immensely, so now it’s time for revenge, although I’ll be working alone! :)
    Furthermore, I will enforce the LD Compo Rules on myself as a restriction; that is, only original content, code etc. Except for my library that I import to every Unity project I start, of course (which is also allowed in the Compo rules). I like using only stuff I did, because then it is truly a product of my own creation 😉

  31. claudioa says:

    I am new here and still don’t understand how this conquest works?

    There are prizes? How do I participate?

  32. NanoGd says:

    Here in Argentina , Santa Fe , Rosario City will also participate in the Mini Ludum Rts ! ; )
    Go go go!
    Acá en Argentina, provincia de Santa Fe, Ciudad de Rosario también vamos a participar de la Mini Ludum Rts ! 😉

  33. RPGghut says:

    Hey guys,
    I’m in for the Mini Ludum Dare, can’t wait to get started. First time with a team of 2 other people this is going to be good (Expect a good game XP). I will enforce the Compo rules on the team and myself, so everything will be made from scratch. We are using: Unity3d, Photoshop, Blender, Audacity and we will be recording each screen through out the entire week.

    Good luck everyone XP

  34. RevenantX says:

    Oh cool theme. i’m in.

  35. Didi says:

    Ah I love this theme, I loved Dune RTS game. But I never programed RTS before and it seems hard AI stuff, any tips were to read/see before start?

  36. This theme is so cool, I’m IN!
    I will experiment a new workflow:
    – Unity3D
    – Visual Studio
    -> ProBuilder (Unity plugin for basic 3D modeling)
    -> Marvelous Techniques Shaders (Unity plugin for “flat atmospheric graphics style”)

  37. Ragzouken says:

    planning to do something with hexes in space, so i prepared the camera + hex stuff that i couldn’t afford to go wrong – feel free to use it as a launching off point too :)

  38. Skyllartor says:

    I have an interesting idea for an RTS, so I’ll give this a shot. (Unity, Blender, Audacity,

  39. taviandir says:

    RTS is difficult to do mainly due to the pathfinding / unit movement – the rest is fairly easy to implement (in my opinion). That being said, I am in and gonna give it a shot! Good luck to everyone! Looking forward to see what people come up with :)

  40. rzde says:

    I’m in! I have been streaming the whole development process on and will be streaming every single bit of development right there!

  41. pixzleone says:

    Ow, I forgot this was going on.. Time to get started!

  42. Sigrath says:

    At what time do submissions close on the 2nd?

  43. Lukedoc321 says:

    If anyone would like some music, I’d be willing to make some for you! Here is some of my work:

  44. _Viper_ says:

    Wow all the code this is gonna take!

  45. locher2015 says:

    is this still going and if so how much longer cuss i was thinking i’d see if i could make a game fast enough but i don’t know when the deadline is so i might make a game but post it to late so please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


  46. locher2015 says:

    i should have it done by tomorrow but… well that be to late aagh it’s killing me

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