I Love My Circle is out now!

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February 29th, 2016 9:42 pm

I Love My Circle is now available and is 50% off until March 7th!

You can find it on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

As a thank you I’m providing some promo codes for people here:














I would love to hear what you think of my game.



16 Responses to “I Love My Circle is out now!”

  1. cynicalmonkey says:

    Hey I took one of the iOS codes (ATNRPE3F9WW3) played for 5 minutes or so so far it’s fun but what I would say ( and this may be just because some of the game theory stuff I have been reading) the dit you control feels weightless it kinda feels like nothing. If it had some weight or inertia to it, just something to give it some sort of substance it would feel more like a ball you are controlling and less like laser pointer.

    But really solid game

    • JoshDBB says:

      Thanks for playing and posting your feedback. I know what you mean. The controls were initially much closer to what you describe but I found that it made the game much harder and more frustrating, often leading the user to blame their lack of ability to control the game for their death. It gave the game a much steeper learning curve.

      I have found that most games that I have played where you are required to be agile tend to be very hard on a touchscreen due to awkward control schemes. My aim was to make the player feel as though they are fully in control without having to learn to play while still remaining physics-based and allowing the player bash things around.

      • cynicalmonkey says:

        I think the game would be fine a little bit harder, look at something like Superhexagon, that difficulty Both Spurs you on with its difficulty while keeping the play length to an amount of time the game is fun for. The games of ILMC that are most fun are under 20s the ones o have had in the 45+ it’s no longer as fun and it feels less rewarding to of got that far because a lot of the time it’s down to getting a better random draw.

        If you were thinking of extra features maybe give people a risk reward reason to leave the circle like a power up that increase your size and mass and let’s you stand up to bigger blocks easier that falls outside the circle.

        Or just gave the circle move to another part of the screen

        • JoshDBB says:

          Yeah, the difficulty level has been my biggest question throughout the entire development process. I ended up doing most of my balancing based on feedback from testers. I found it very hard to judge the difficulty of the game myself as I knew all of the possible waves and so have an advantage. I have found that in general people are very happy with the current difficulty level, I will definitely consider re-balancing it though if most people feel the same as you do.

          The second mode (Vampire) has pickups that sometimes tempt you out of the circle. The pickups just extend your life though. I do like the thought of being able to power up to knock large blocks away, I may add something like this as a new game mode in the near future.

          Moving the circle is tricky as it breaks the ascetic of the game. The background is your means of telling how far through the game you are and and how much time you have outside of the circle; that all needs to stay centred around the circle but if I move it alongside the circle it is very disorientating for the player.

          Once again, thank you very much for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

  2. demogorgon says:

    Took code HKQD43Z2ZHAPUZMSMCL2P0B for android. Longest I’ve survived is 24 seconds, but I’m really bad at this kind of game. Whole thing looks and feels really polished. Pretty much bored with it now though as I’m not getting better fast enough to enjoy it. Might just be because I’m bad at such games.

  3. furle says:

    I tested the game and impressed me a lot! I loved the gameplay. I have only one review: Try to make the game more “excited”. The camera always in a static position makes the player give up very quickly. Try leaving it more fluid for the player! (Example: make the camera follow the ball, smoothly .. should help).

    Thank you for disclosure, I loved playing your game!

    ps: Sorry for my english, I’m from Brazil 😀

    • JoshDBB says:

      Thank you for the feedback! I hadn’t considered having the camera follow the player, it is definitely an interesting idea. I worry that it will make the controls less intuitive and make the game harder to play, I will experiment with it though and see how it feels. It may work well for a desktop version.

  4. Ulydev says:

    Well, looks like everything’s been taken.

  5. furle says:

    Another question: why not let free and insert advertisements? Such games must be free, they are addictive!!! 😀

    • JoshDBB says:

      I have done this because I want people to play my game in the best possible state, I don’t want ads ruining the experience. I realise that this may not be the most profitable way of doing things but I just couldn’t bring myself to have ads.

  6. Evergreen Games says:

    I tested it out and it’s really fun! It’s easily as good as many of the other twitch games I have played. My suggestions are similar to furle’s, add more excitement. Put in screenshake, maybe dynamic camera(although it shouldn’t follow the player) more effects, unlockable skins, ect. Also since you have such an awesome soundtrack, consider making some things react to the music, if only backflips elements or something. Maybe also add a super speed mode where things move very quickly. Overall it’s really fun though.

    • JoshDBB says:

      Thank you very much for posting your thoughts! I’m glad you like it.

      I avoided any screen effects in this game because I thought that they could interfere with the controls. I really wanted to make a game where you feel agile and completely in control which is something that seems to be rare on touchscreens. A little screenshake probably wouldn’t hurt though, I will definitely play around with it.

      Extra skins are something that I considered but they just seemed to shallow to make a good reward. I didn’t want my game to be seen as one of those generic, ad based mobile games that throw in a pile of skins to unlock purely to make it more addictive. I want my gameplay to be addictive in its own right and I want my rewards to hold value.

      I like the idea of things reacting to the music. I’m not sure how easy that is to achieve. Would you pre-calculate the beats of the songs or try to do things in realtime with an fft?

      Standard+ mode is faster.

      • Evergreen Games says:

        I would say that there are plenty of effects that you could add without interfering with the gameplay at all, maybe things happen when you die or between waves of obstacles

        Skins are honestly your call, I totally understand not wanting a typical f2p game.

        As for the music reacting, I’ve done projects where elements pulse on the downbeat. I achieved it by pre calculating the pulse. Take a look at AudioSource.timeSamples. It’ll give you an accurate time in the music, from which you can calculate where the beat is.

        Finally, I would still say make standard faster and standard+ even faster. This doesn’t mean it has to be harder, you can make other parts of the game(death time, ect) easier to compensate. My motto for game difficulty is “make the game as forgiving as possible, then make the gameplay difficult”

        • JoshDBB says:

          I will definitely consider some screen effects to make the game more exciting. Thank you very much for your tips on reacting to music. I’m not completely sure about your motto, I think there are lots of games out there that benefit from being harsh and unforgiving (Super Hexagon as an example).

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