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January 15th, 2016 8:48 am

UPDATE: Hey! I see we’ve received 20 22 entries to the MiniLD! Nice! Not a record-breaking number but I’m happy to see at least some people got inspired. :) The submission is going to remain open until the end of the week in case you need to finish a late entry… I actually ended up not having time to make an entry of my own so I’ll try making a late entry myself. As an aside, Global Game Jam is coming up at the end of the week. I wish everyone participating in that the best of luck!

It’s time for MiniLD 64. It will take place during the weekend of 22nd-24th.

The theme is…
Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64 was released almost 20 years ago in 1996. For MiniLD 64 I want to see some games inspired by the N64 and its games. This could mean for example:

* a game inspired by your favorite N64 game; maybe even a straight up remake.
* a game done to look like an N64 game with low-poly 3D graphics
* a 3D reimagining of a 2D game. Perhaps of one of your earlier LD entries?

I’m definitely hoping to see some 3D platformers a’la Super Mario 64… maybe some flying games a’la Pilotwings 64… perhaps a fighting game a’la Super Smash Bros?

Btw, if your tools of choice can’t do 3D or you’re otherwise unable to make one, don’t worry; it’s not mandatory by any means, though of course it is one of the more obvious things to do.

NOTE: Please avoid using copyrighted material in your games. We don’t want anybody to get in trouble. Get inspired, don’t plagiarize! :)

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47 Responses to “MiniLD 64 Announcement”

  1. bitslap says:

    I am not sure i can dedicate abny time to this but i love the theme. So i will just throw my thoughts out in the open.

    Since i am a 2d game designer i wouldnt do any 3d. But the most visual aspect of the N64 is the Mario world. I think a game based on dangerous turtle shells would be very fitting. Concidering time restraints i would focus on making a small game based on the dangerous shells from mario kart 64. perhaps a racing game where you are the shells? Maybe a Crossy Roads inspired visual style but you steer (no brakes, full throttle only) a raging shell, trying to avoid Marios. Luidis and Peaches while hitting bowsers?

    Anyway, good luck everyone!

  2. IOD says:

    How to check that someone created his models or sprites not today ?
    You’ve announced the theme, so people can start to create their games now…

  3. harraps says:

    Do we have to make the texture all smooth or we can have a more NDS/minecraft look with sharp pixels ?

    • pekuja says:

      There are no strict rules, but I would definitely love to see games that really look and feel like real N64 games, so details like this would definitely help. That said, I think a pixely look like Minecraft or DS can definitely still evoke that retro feel even if it isn’t actually accurate to how it would have looked on N64. Also I do love pixely textures. :)

  4. Optimus6128 says:

    Cool theme! When I think of N64, what comes in mind is not just lowpoly but especially very lowres textures that get even more blurry with bilinear filtering. The N64 had something like 4k texture cache, so you fit at most one 64*32 16bit textures each time you render a texture polygon, or very small atlas texturing around the scene. And then all in 320*240 resolution.

    Of course, that’s one of the things one can do in this compo, but I’ll go for that. I like the miniLDs more, because they are more relaxed, fewer entries (so you are sure you checked all of them), and sometimes more interesting technical themes.

  5. pixzleone says:

    Fun theme, I´m in!

  6. “Nintendo 64 was released almost 20 years ago in 1996.”

    Wow, that makes me feel old. I remember I was in high school when it was released. I remember I had my first after-school job, and the N64 was the first console that I bought myself, so I didn’t have to ask for it as a birthday or Christmas present. Mario 64 and Cruisin USA were the two games I bought at launch, and I believe they were $75 a piece. Overall, the N64 was one of my least favorite consoles as far as games go (Banjo Kazooie and Blast Corps were the only two real standouts), but I will always have special memories of the N64.

  7. mekewi says:

    Good One I will try to make it

  8. calzep says:

    Im pretty sure im in, i just still havent decided what im going to do

  9. bushnrvn says:

    So just to be clear – for miniLDs, I can start working on a submission now?

  10. Chickenattack says:

    I am soo excited for this miniLD!!!! I am going to try to do something noone else will even think of! Good luck to everyone else!

  11. Tyler says:

    Perfect Dark inspired game is a go!

  12. FrederickK says:

    Hi, is 4:33 of the morning here and I just logged in to say; YES! YESSS!! OH GOD, MINI LUDUM DARE IS THE GREATEST!

  13. pekuja says:

    I wanted to share Kenneth Fejer’s lowpoly 3D gallery as inspiration for the MiniLD:
    It’s not exactly “N64” style, but I think it’s a great example of making good looking 3D art with low polycounts and low texture resolution.

  14. qristofer says:

    I love this theme so much. <3 Marry me. Only a PS1-theme could possibly challenge it.

  15. IyanTehGamer says:

    I’m TOTALLY in! I’m new to Ludum Dare, as I plan on entering #35 as my first main event, but this theme is too good to pass up. Maybe I’ll do some sort of Ocarina of Time-related-Zelda Game.

  16. JigenEagle says:

    I’m in!
    Here’s hoping my power holds through the possible snow storms this weekend.

  17. Firefox says:


    I’m so excited for this. Somehow, this theme pops up for MiniLD right when I start playing around with the N64 again.

  18. mr. a says:

    I’ve been in Pilotwings 64 withdrawal for more than a decade?

    Let’s see how far my Unity skills have come.

  19. Sogomn says:

    Don’t quite like it. Not everyone can make 3D games.

    • pekuja says:

      Sure. It is a fair point. You can still make a 2D game inspired by N64 though, but I do agree that making a 3D game is the more obvious thing here. I did think about this, but I felt like it was a good MiniLD theme, and I just chose to accept the fact that some people might not participate because of that, but you can’t please everybody all the time, and I feel like MiniLD is kind of made for more niche themes like this.

    • mr. a says:

      No 3D necessary!

      Some obvious suggestions:

      – riff on one of the few 2D N64 games (like Mischief Makers, Wonderproject J2, Killer Instinct Gold, Rampage World Tour, Worms Armageddon, etc.)
      – riff on an N64 game where the gameplay is effectively 2D already (like Super Smash Bros, or Harvest Moon 64)
      – do a “demake” of a 3D N64 game (say, Majora’s Mask in the style of Link’s Awakening, or Wetrix in the style of Scorched Earth / Artillery)
      – pick your favorite mechanic from an N64 game that’d work in 2D (e.g. the photography from Pokemon Snap), and make a game based on that

      Some less obvious suggestions:

      – check out wikipedia and use N64 hardware or one of the controller add-ons as a conceptual starting point (make a voice-controlled game, or a game about wrangling a herd of rumble packs, or a QWOP-style game about using that strange 3-pronged N64 controller, or a game about a game-save collecting dust on a cartridge in someone’s attic)
      – think about games or characters from earlier Nintendo systems/series that never ended up on the N64, and make more modern 2D game in their honor
      – make a game about whatever was going on historically in your country when the N64 came out
      – make a game about being under-appreciated and losing to your competition
      – make a game about whatever you want, then add a “64” to the title

  20. Pixels says:

    Hey! I’m really hyped for this! I won’t be able to livestream though, is that a problem? This is my first time doing this, so sorry for my noobish question, haha.


  21. as96it says:

    Can I play with a team?

  22. mtinkerhess says:

    Sounds fun, I’m in! I’m thinking spaceships so I don’t have to worry about animation, plus I loved games like Starfox and Rogue Squadron.

  23. plauk says:

    I thought I’d try to make a sort of Starfox/Lylat Wars local multiplayer game. Whether or not I finish it, it’s definitely been worth it to get that much closer to understanding Quaternions.

  24. qristofer says:

    I’ve barely gotten started. TBH, I’m not going to be ready by this weekend. Maybe the next. 😉

  25. Pixels says:

    When is the deadline for submissions? Also please include the timezone in the reply so I can convert it to Swedish time haha.

  26. DeepBlueJeer says:

    When is the deadline?²

    • DeepBlueJeer says:

      We are giving our game some fine tunings – however we don’t know when the deadline/submission hour is and we want to develop as long as possible. Pekuja, if possible, could you please tell us when the jam is over? We’ll build our game and upload it as soon as possible then.

  27. Freamcoding says:

    We ended up falling asleep last night after the finishing touches… hope I’ll have time to upload my submission when I get home from work.

  28. pekuja says:

    You still have plenty of time to upload or apply finishing touches. It’s MiniLD so I figured the deadline can be forgiving. I don’t have an exact time for you, but submission will be open until about the end of the week.

  29. poyomon says:

    Hi, it’s my first time here nd I don’t know how to vote for the games participating. Thanks in advance.

    • pekuja says:

      I think we don’t have voting for the MiniLD… Despite me being the “organizer” though I don’t have a whole lot of control over what happens on the backend. PoV might be able to answer questions about that, but I think we just didn’t have voting enabled this time.

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