Sanctuary Station – Post Compo Version

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January 13th, 2016 8:18 pm

When LD34 finished, and Sanctuary Station reached #18 in Innovation and #51 Overall in the Jam, I was pumped to try and spin this into a full game. But the first thing to do was to analyse how exactly my game was received, so I dug into my ‘data’ – the LD response messages.

LD message feedback analysis: 

  • Positive
    • Matching the tetris-block available airlocks is innovative and is fun (7x)
    • A time pressure mission works to create challenge (5x)
    • The people ‘pips’ inside give feeling to the speed (1x)
    • Satisfying ‘connect’ sounds are important (no mention, but I like it)
    • Visuals (2x)
    • Learning curve (+4x, -2x)
    • Atmosphere, story (2x)
  • Negative
    • Pods move too slowly (6x) (-1 who liked it slow)
    • Pathing, getting stuck, alignment (3x)
    • Visual/Audio gameplay indicators (4x)
  • Unknown
    • Music (-1x, +2x)
    • Camera controls (-2x, reads minor tho)
    • Too short (4x) largely a positive, methinks 😀

Quite a lot of feedback! Some minor or specific things not mentioned.
I took this, and my own ideas and went to work to improve!

Post compo

My goal for this Post-compo version was to keep to the general scope of the LD entry, and smooth out most of the ‘bad’ things – to get to a solid core mechanic.

The changes

  • A bit faster & smoother: Pods move faster (quite a bit)
  • Expanded controls: More mapped keys, and now you can plan multiple moves ahead!
  • Patched codebase: Rewrote the worst of the real hacky underlying structures
  • Interface: Pimped the interfaces for readability
  • Minor extension: Added one additional mission – with aggressive NPCs
  • Lots of small things: And they add up too

Improved text interface & new mission.


Try it out! Unity Webplayer and Windows/OSX standalone

Feedback very much appreciated :)

The future

Game jam prototype was successful and fun –
Discussed the game with some other game-dev friends, who see potential –
Let some people play and observed their fun and non-fun –
Got a notebook & doc full of ideas, that stay in-theme and in-scope –
I have time set aside to ‘spend’.

Guess I just gotta go for it. 😉

2 Responses to “Sanctuary Station – Post Compo Version”

  1. Jod says:

    Go! Go! Go! This will be awesome!

    Also, I think keeping the space theme would be good.

  2. JohnnySix says:

    This was fun, kept trying to get to more missions, but I guess I played through. :)

    Great core mechanic, and simple to learn, hard to master. Took a while to figure out I could map out paths for the ship parts, and plan their movements ahead of time ( and trying to avoid collisions ).

    Just needs a few more space marines with flame throwers in there. 😀

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