Post-Ludum Dare work

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January 8th, 2016 4:55 pm

Hey guys! I had a great Ludum Dare, and I hope you did too. I reached my goal of placing on the top 25 in audio, so I’m really proud of myself right now. I want to share some a new track I have been working on. A lot of what I do in this song, I learned from Ludum Dare.


My newest track, Monster, started off as a test for a couple of chords, nothing big. It was all going great, it sounded good, so I decided I should expand this beyond just a test. I started working on the chorus, not expecting to do anything out of the ordinary. I actually created a rough-draft for the chorus that was decent, but then I stumbled across the most amazing, hardcore bass growl every created!!! I had experimented with bass growls in the past, and some were good, but never have I heard anything as insane and brutal as this bass growl! It sounds as if a monster is yelling at you though heavily modulated, already monster-like, bass growls (That’s where the name comes from). What I did to create this bass growl, was I created a very stupid audio clip of me saying random words, then vo-coded them using a pre-existing bass growl I had already created. After modulating the vocal clips, and vo-coding it through the bass growl, it created a mega growl! This growl is unlike anything I’ve every heard before.  Check it out for yourself here.

I hope you enjoy!

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