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January 5th, 2016 3:21 pm

A short post mortem for my ld 34 game, Pointless text based quest .

During this ludum dare I was going away to Costa Rica to spend the holidays, but I couldn’t miss ludum dare. I “solved” this by creating a shitty unity plugin for text making text based games with simple code. This made it possible for me to create a game that was going to work using little time. I should probably add: the only program I used during this ludum dare was Notes on my iPhone 4 as that was the only device I could bring.

A friend of mine at home compiled and uploaded the game for me, but when I got home from Costa Rica I realized that there was a game breaking bug.

I had already gotten 20 votes, and this was mostly for the record so I didn’t bother fixing it (shame).

The funniest parts and the ending of my game wasn’t experienced by anyone because of this, but I’m really happy with my entry anyways. I’m happy I got just to attend!

#443 Humor 2.44
#785 Mood 2.42
#788 Innovation 2.57
#882 Fun 2.40
#910 Overall 2.57
#934 Theme 2.45

I’ve had better scores than this, but I don’t really care, I didn’t expect high votes anyways. I got a lot of good feedback, so thanks for that everyone that commented!

See you all next ludum dare!! 😀

Warning: Don’t use the unity plugin. Don’t. For your own safety.

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