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January 5th, 2016 3:22 pm

I was not entirely satisfied with my entry for this Ludum Dare, however it would appear that the numbers disagreed with me.

While not my most highly rated game (that goes to I am Sigma, my second LD entry) It wasn’t quite as close to my worst rated entries than I’d originally thought.

Granted, none of the Rankings broke the top 200 this time, but at the same time none of them really fell below the top 500 (okay, I got a 506 for theme even though I covered both the themes). If anything this is my most consistently ranked game.

But the rankings only show how well the game did against the other games in this jam. The raw Star-ratings (out of 5) show the real improvements.

Despite Theme being my lowest ranked metric in this game (at #506), and it’s the second lowest ranked for theme of any of my games, it’s actually the second highest starred rating, coming in at 3.7/5 (compared to 4.3 for I am Sigma, ranked #50 in LD 31 and Kaiju at 3.53, ranked #371). So what the hell does that mean? Well, for one it means that more people in this Ludum Dare followed and better executed the theme than ever before. Which is either amazing considering the challenge posed, or a direct reflection on how easier it was to implement one or both of the themes.

Interestingly enough, despite my generally cack-handed programmer-art style I actually broke the 3/5 barrier for my graphics! Hurrah! They’re now officially above average! (Also broke top 500 for the first time too)

Audio also almost matched the rating and ranking of I am Sigma, getting a 3.11 and sitting at Rank #263, but consider I Am Sigma had an entire day devoted to nothing but the soundtrack, and having the layers of the BGM get layered the deeper you go in the game, I’m actually kind of surprised that Eva Ness got such a good reception. I ended up using the Eva Boss music as the music for the intro screen, as I ran out of time/energy to finish the actual intro music.

Both Humour and Mood got a high ranking this time, though Sigma beat it on humour by 0.03. The music, again, likely contributing a lot to the mood, and the fact I had you shooting at demonic veiny penis monsters likely contributed to the humour.

For Innovation and Fun, well, this was my second most innovative game (next to Sigma, naturally), and my most fun.

Most Fun. Good god you people are masochists. 3.38/5 compared to Sigma’s 3.31. It even ranked higher, by 44 places (311 vs 355)

In conclusion, I feel I did refreshingly better than I expected. From a completely idiotic premise: A 2-button action platformer, to a not-entirely-shat-upon Ludum Dare entry that I’m fairly happy with.

Here’s to the next Ludum Dare, perhaps a slightly saner Theme implementation, and to the next Mini Ludum Dare!


I’ve included the spreadsheet screenshot below

LudumDare Numbers

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