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January 5th, 2016 2:10 pm

I noticed that some of the top entries only got 10-15 comments. I’m not saying this is good or bad, but I can guess that these entries didn’t get that many votes. However, they were very successful in captivating their first score of voters. I always thought that getting to the top meant more votes — Turns out I’m wrong. I wanted to hear your thoughts on this guys. Do you prefer less or more votes on your game?

Many Votes
I prefer to have more votes on my game, because the more feedback I get the better I learn from the experience. Plus statistics tells us that a larger sample always gives us better confidence in our stats (namely “mean game score” in this case). With a big sample, outlier bad votes should not affect the overall score. An example outlier comment on my game:

Few Votes
If you’re confident enough that your game will land at the appropriate player base, you may want to take the risk. This may not be totally due to luck though. If you take this approach, you have to perfect the game so that it’s accessible to a very wide player base. A good thing with not trying for many votes is that you don’t have to look like an “attention seeking dev”.

Again, those those are just some random thoughts.

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  1. Leon Möhring says:

    Hello there,
    In my opinion you can get lucky with fewer votes but you can also fail. But the most important thing is that with just a few votes your rating is more likely to be wrong.
    So I personally prefer more votes on my game and I think if you win with 30 votes it is in some cases not as much value as a win with over 100 votes.
    In the future the voting should maybe be done in 2 stages. The first one is this stage for 2 weeks

  2. Leon Möhring says:

    … browser crashed.. sorry
    First one is the way we vote as usual and the 3rd week the top 100 overall and maybe the top 50 per category get sorted through a second stage of voting.
    What do you think?

    • YinYin says:

      If this was a competition with prizes and other things for people to get mad at …

      But it isn’t – it’s a jam

      • Trasevol_Dog says:

        A very very very well known jam. You can’t even guess the visibility the top 3 games of compo and jam get at the end of each Ludum Dare. Thiz iz verie güd fur bizniz, yis it iz!

        Also, fairness. Even without prizes, fairness is very important for the well-being of a jam. And the bigger the jam the fairer it ought to be!

  3. YinYin says:

    Of course you got a better chance of scoring very high (or low) with a higher margin of error.

    And if you really prefer getting that spot light after the event instead of feedback during the event – so be it.

  4. Trasevol_Dog says:

    I personally like to have as many votes as I can without letting it take all of my time, i.e. do other stuff than vote hunting and whoring!! I do think, the final result is then more representative of my work and I like that.

    And I can totally see why people would try to abuse of the system to get to the top and I think it is very simply very wrong. Even if it was not intended which I like to think is more generally the case.

  5. Ogniok says:

    Voting as it is now has nothing to do with the real value of the game. It should be change to a weighted voting system. This way we could compare those with high and low votes count.

    • YinYin says:

      How do you weigh that? Is a game that got voted lots on better or worse for it?

      • Ogniok says:

        Game Jolt has a weighted voting system for it’s game jams. I don’t know what’s the exact math behind it (though I think they’ve posted an article about it) but it works in such way, that a game with 85x 5.0 and 15x 1.0 would be better than a game with 9x 5.0 and 1x 1.0 which is fair in my opinion.

        • YinYin says:

          I see. So more votes generally means better.

          I think I kind of prefer having a threshold from which onwards you consider having enough votes to get a result at all (10 wouldn’t be enough).

  6. Farelle says:

    I think you meant rates, not votes :) I prefer having more ratings(and comments) on my game and getting as much and as honest opinions as possible 😀 I’m here for learning afterall!

  7. anarbitrarymustache says:

    You can also rate an entry without leaving a comment. So comment count isn’t necessarily a proper reflection of votes/ratings received.

    I for one would love to receive more feedback/ratings each time. Unfortunately, with the way things seem to currently work I don’t have the time or energy to make it so.

    Personally, I think it would be interesting to have a blind vote/rating system. I find the top entries, though usually still deserving are almost always there due to their following/popularity as “Ludum Celebrities” (and I say this as one of those followers, I have my favorite list that I always can’t wait to check out). Of course, posting links on social media and other sites, “marketing” your game kind of cancels out the blind aspect so I don’t know.

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