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January 5th, 2016 1:37 pm





The results are in and I am pleased. This was my first Compo. I broke the Top 100 in 6 Categories and the Top 25 in 3 Categories including Overall. This was also the smoothest jam experience I have ever had.

The hardest part of making this game was coming up with the idea. Once I had the idea for what it would be, it was simply a matter of making the pieces and sticking them together. Unlike every other jam I’ve participated in, I did not run into any problems that required a long time to sort out. I’ve had some success in other Jams recently and given how smoothly everything went I felt that as long as I could a decent number of ratings I was hoping to place in the Top 100 for Overall. I did not expect to be in the Top 25 but I am very happy about it. I would also like to point out that my entry is the only entry in the Top 25 Overall for the Compo with 100% Coolness. I played a lot of games this time around!


I was originally planning on entering the Jam in all categories with a solo game. Everything ended up going so smoothly that I was ready to submit about 46 hours in so I decided to enter the Compo. The game could have used a bit more polish but not 24 hours worth. In fact I spent only about 4 hours making the changes for the post-compo version and that was 95% changes in response to feedback I did not have at the time, and 5% fixing the GameJolt API implementation.

Unlike previous jam games, I really have no interest in developing this game further. Beyond bug fixes I don’t have think anything else needs to happen with this game at this point. Some of the design elements might work nicely as part of a larger game but not for anything on my plate right now.


LD32 was my first jam ever and I was happy with my ratings but I wanted to improve for next time.  I had to miss LD33, but I participated in a couple smaller jams since then.

  • I made an entry in the IndiesVsGamers Jam on GameJolt and ranked 38th out of 376.
  • I was ranked 1st out of 19 in CommunityJam15 for my game Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team which won me 2 passes to the upcoming Indiecade East, and which you can check out below.





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