Top 5 Picks for Ludum Dare!

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January 4th, 2016 10:17 am


12-ish hours remains for voting at the time of this post. Normally, this would be an opportune moment to showcase my game (which I still will), I think it’s also the perfect time to jump the bandwagon and list down my favourite games for others to try and vote on as well. I feel these entries deserve more attention, so without further ado, and in no particular order…

1 Button Wizard X2 by BoxedMeatRevolution

This game can be summed up as “1 Button Magicka”. It has a surprising amount of depth for a one button game, and the bots are actually rather decent. Some people might not dig the art, but it has a certain charm to it that I like. And it’s consistent. Try playing it with a friend. It’s extra impressive that the dev used one button for each mage, actually limiting the number of buttons used at any time to two.

SlimeCraft by jacklehamster

If you told me an RTS existed that only used two buttons, I would’ve scoffed at your face at the notion. I mean, how is it possible to condense resource management, logistics and strategy down to TWO BUTTONS? And yet, here I sit, flabbergasted that something like SlimeCraft exists. It’s actually reasonably easy to pick up and get used to, and can support up to 4 players! Splitscreen! What other RTS can do THAT?

2 button metroidvania by JaJ

Another very interesting entry! I’m a sucker for Metroidvanias, so the concept of a two-button one definitely sparked my interest. Don’t expect any story here, but the game does follow the formula correctly. You can learn new skills, as well as go back to previous places once inaccessible to you. With two buttons, the controls are understandably complex and difficult sometimes, but the whole game is rather polished otherwise.

Frogtale by rzuf

If you loved Undertale, you may enjoy this game. Comparing ANY LD game to Undertale is probably rather hard to believe, but it does come close. The mechanics aren’t the most original, sure, but the humor is top-notch. At least, I found it hilarious. It starts off a little slow, but after gaining a few levels, talking to the quirky NPCs and beating the game, you’ll be left wanting more.

become a game developer in 60 seconds by unprompted

Another entry that totally blew my mind. If you think playing RTS with 2 buttons was difficult and complicated, what about making a functional game using only 2 buttons? I couldn’t believe it when I tried it out, but it works rather well indeed. Sure, the engine is limited, since you only have 2 buttons, but damn is it cool to see the product of your ‘hard work’ actually playing before your eyes.

Final Words

Of course, this is where I’d showcase my game to play. Remember to play the regular version, not the post-compo one, if you intend to vote. I hope you all had a wonderful Ludum Dare. I know I did. Here’s to the next LD jam!

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  1. MSiddeek says:

    This jam has lots of creative entries that got little to no attention. I applaud your list :)

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