Last hours of LD 34 ratings, played a lot of really fun, interesting games this time around.  Now time to brain-dump my artwork experience for our jam game, Row Row Row Your Goat!



Our Game

You’re on a boat, a goat-boat, and you’re collecting sandwiches in a river– Stay with me here– because your boat is very hungry. Cause it’s a goat.  You can only go in circles since it already ate your other oar, so you can only use right and left.

This is not our first goat based game.  no, none of us own goats.

What went right
Having a veteran team of friends is the best perk, since we all know our roles. Our goal this time was to have multiple levels, and we did totally nail that one.  And the levels are all named excellently (see: Michael’s Bay, yes it does have explosions), so explore away.

But my favorite visual success story of this LD was actually not something I even did.  One of our programmers did some effects shaders on the water and it is as smooth as Adele’s silky voice. So to all of you who have programming experience: you are beautiful, shiny technomancers, never change.

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Look at that ripply water!  Yeah, my teammates are awesome.
What went wrong
After Effects decided to have a bug for PC where the screen wouldn’t refresh anytime I hit ctrl-z (see: all the time). So for the first day animating I had to Edge of Tomorrow all the artwork, where messing up once meant I had to restart the program.  And, like Tom Cruise, I messed up. a lot. Needless to say it was Photoshop from then on out.

My only other regret was the hot bag of garbage that is the title screen.  I was super obsessed with doing these little splashies on the obstacles in the river (shiny!), so I waited too long.

Don't hit the bears. Obviously.
Take aways
-Goats are awesome
-VFX programmers are Santa’s magical helpers, bringing joy to every non-programmer artist
-Bears + explosions = best decisions
-You can never have too many puns

Play Row Row Row Your Goat here!

Jodi,  Artist, Mortem Poster, Angel of Verdun

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