NGHGM Postmortem

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January 4th, 2016 11:39 am

It is the last day judging already, and we haven’t posted a postmortem yet. Let’s fix this =)

Some of the things I will talk about reference game elements/systems so you can check out the game first HERE. (We only spent a couple more hours on the Post-Jam version. This version makes it a bit easier to understand what is going on, so if you maybe already tried the game but didn’t understand it – please try the Post-jam version)


– We didn’t time-lapse the process (I feel so sad about that)03
– The game didn’t have the motivation to do your best with each individual motherboard
(kinda fixed it in a post-jam version by adding a motherboard counter that is you final game score (lower is better), but it is still not ideal)
– We didn’t have time for better feedback (for example adding a preview of your move, showing how much each stat will increase and why). The game may seem simple to implement, but there is a lot of systems and UI.
02– Theme. We think the theme is kinda there, because your skills increase, as well as the score and stats you achieve each time. But this is definitely not a game 100% dedicated to theme. We didn’t want to sacrifice some of the fun or add some arbitrary things that make the game less accessible (like two button keyboard controls where the mouse would be ten times better) just to fit the theme.
– Difficulty / Tutorial. For a random free game on the internet we ask the player to understand too much, and because there is no tutorial, you can only understand it with “tips” section or some feedback (i.e. changing stats after you place the card).


– Sound and Music. Thanks to Mote Keatinge we have awesome sound effects and music05
– Playtesting. When we came up with an idea for a game, we immediately started playing it on paper, just writing different rules on pieces of paper. This helped us understand what else the game needed to be more fun, finding out the right board sizes and types of cards.  Playtesting also helped a lot with balancing the game and finding a good amount of “cool” you get at the start and spend on each card.
– Playable digital version. Because we a had a paper prototype we didn’t need the playable version as soon as you need it otherwise, but to test card upgrades and replayability we still needed it sooner than later. Considering the number of rules and UI work getting the fully playable version at the evening of the second day was pretty good and gave a much of time to balance this stuff as well.
– Tools. We went with Unity with which we are quite familiar with at this point, so googling didn’t take up like half the time ^_^

We are pretty much pleased with how the game turned out and maybe will make it into a full game some day.
See you on the next LD!

>>>> Play Here <<<<

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