A Post-Mortem kind of post? :P

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January 4th, 2016 6:50 pm


This is my post-mortem about my game, Spindulum, which can be played in here.

There’s, also, the post-jam version of the game here, but don’t use it for judging, ok? 😉

First, for those who don’t like to read much, my list of what went right/wrong this time.

I’m pretty bad with english, so please bear with me if I write something in a wrong or weird way. 😛


– The theme I wanted was selected :3;
– I mocked the whole game and had the whole concept before I started developing the game, so I had a pretty clear idea of what I really wanted and sticked with it until the end;
– The idea was pretty simple to implement, and with both themes in mind;
– The code I wrote was pretty readable and fully commented;
– It’s the first game, from the 3 times I did LD, that feels like a “proper” game;

– The idea, even though simple, came up pretty late and I had little time to properly work on it;
– I spent time on things that could be done last, like explosions or transitions;
– Also left audio/music for the end of the jam, which ended up being quite repetitive;
– Controls, difficulty and rotating speed are pretty unbalanced;
– Due to being totally random, there’s the possibility of not spawning non-hostile projectiles during long periods of time;


This last LD, even though the theme I wanted was selected (2-button controls), the ideas came up pretty late and I had to juggle work between “real-life” work and the jam, which left me with little more than 24h to properly write and publish the game.

I had some rhythm-based game ideas involving love, dance and some hearts, but it would take too long to build, so I scraped these ideas in favor of working with something pretty simple.

The idea for Spindulum came after playing with a water toy that my GF gave me, and it brought me this idea of collecting bubbles to make something grow up. From this base idea, and in my need to insert some 2-button-based, challenging game mechanics, the final gameplay concept was born. I did some mockups for the base screens for the game (it uses only 4 scenes) and, for the first time, I tried building the game strictly following these mockups.

The base concept for Spindulum is to have the player in the middle of the screen, connected to a pendulum/collector, that can be used to collect specific “dots” coming from random directions, and avoiding others, to make the player grow in size and, when a target size is reached, the player would explode and advance to the next level.

At every level, the target size would increase and, with it, the line connecting the collector to the player would too. This would give the user playing the game a “false” impression that the rotation speed was increasing when, in fact, only the tangential speed would increase, while rotation would be the same.

This base mechanic would save me from the task of level design so I ended up having time to work on some music, sound effects and the voice acting for the game. 😛

The way I built the game, together with the little time I had, made the game pretty unbalanced, though, and lacking in lots of points (controls, difficulty and “depth”). Which ended up being part of the feedback I received from the ones who played it, which I thank from the bottom of my heart. 😉

I finished working on the post-jam version of the game, which doesn’t differ much from the jam version besides being more stable and available for Android now. :) I’ll be putting this on the project list, though, because I had some pretty nice ideas for the game, based on the feedback and after playing it for a few hours too!

I hope I can finish the games I’m making right now and that I’ll be able to fully implement this game too, in the near future. :)

Thanks for reading this post. Thanks for playing my game, if you did so.

See y’all on the next LD or Mini-LD! :)

Cheers! 😉

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