Sanctuary Station – Post-compo progress: NPC Aggression!

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January 3rd, 2016 10:14 pm

I’m been working on a post-compo version of my LD game Sanctuary Station,¬†cleaning up the codebase, and adding some new controls/features.

Some improvements:

  • Plan multiple moves ahead
  • NPC movement orders (the grey arrows)
  • NPC behaviour & hitpoints

But now that that is mostly done, I am making more missions! First one is where there are two alien races that are mortal enemies and you want to save them both.

Of course, I then tried to make them fight to the death instead… (yes all grey ones are dead bodies :D)

A real massacre...

A real massacre…

Play my original LD entry to see the pod-puzzling part in action. (not the combat, as of yet ;))

3 Responses to “Sanctuary Station – Post-compo progress: NPC Aggression!”

  1. BloodJohn says:

    Really interesting game. Hope to see a continuation, perhaps even at mobile.

    • Joror says:

      I definitely see tablet potential (kinda baked in because it is drag-centric), but smaller mobile screens might have not enough screen space for the total experience? Maybe a simplification for mobile?

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