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January 3rd, 2016 5:05 pm

Hi everybody! I enjoyed a lot this LD, my first one and I’m feeling like writing a Post-Mortem and sharing with you my favourite games.

I’m happy with my first experience with LD. I participated on the compo and it was quite a hit. The weekend went terribly amazing and crazy (and short). To get some inspiration for the main idea of the game I got a little bit… intoxicated, which helped me a lot with the music creation. I am a musician so I always work this way:

  • First, I record myself improvising about an hour and a half on the piano while thinking about the subject.
  • Then, I select the best melodies and play them on loop to help me think about the gameplay and graphics, all at a time.
  • When I got some clear sprites, backgrounds and ideas about the gameplay I focus on art or gameplay (depends on which one makes me feel more comfortable) and after that all goes smoothly.

Now, what went right?

  • I managed to finish my project (Actually, I think it’s the first project I finish).
  • Graphics went waaaaay better than expected. I know they’re not great, some people dislike them but I’m terribly bad at drawing, real bad. So I’m happy with them. Funny thing is that I randomly found a filter on Gimp that I liked. Graphics are shit without it.
  • The plot is more solid, deep and playable than I thought I could ever do in 48 hours.
  • Some conversations are funny.
  • Music is great! I was soooo inspired.

So… what went wrong?

  • I had to hurry a lot in some scenes, music jam part went very bad. The music didn’t loop ok, the sounds you could make are terrible, etc. I wanted to make more games on the game scene…
  • I worked with RPG Maker XP, wich doesn’t give you as many posibilities as Unity or Gamemaker does.
  • It’s a walking and talking game… nothing interesting about gameplay. But there are some masterpieces with the same gameplay 😀
  • I wanted to use the “two button controls” theme too.
  • The installation is full of problems for some users. Some people needs to install adittional software. Sorry, its my first upload.
  • As I saw in other entries, the have around 60-70 ratings. Mine have only 32.

You can check my game here:



Now, here are some of my favourites. I’m sure I forget lot of games, but here are some I remember:

Shot snap – Very creative game about perspective. You have to understand how this game works and its difficult but awesome when you understand it.

Grow a beard! – Hilarious game about growing a beard. Its gameplay are mini-games

Gjallarhorn – Interesting gameplay and superb graphics and music

As I said, I forgot tons of games that I enjoyed, but these remind on my thoughts.

Thanks to you all, and thanks to Ludum Dare! Enjoy this last day and good luck with the results! And Happy New Year! See you on the next LD


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