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January 3rd, 2016 12:08 pm

Happy New Year 2016!


Really like to record something before the work going to a new stage,in especial when i found that there can be my second blog to record some introspection for my creations and team-work.

moreover, Chris ‘s this LD#33-summary really enlighten me , It is a very good summary and of a great inspiration to me.



There i will mainly review our game’s progress in brief :



blood cleaner concept


This time , i team with woym and Mr.hitman

We spent the first day try to figure out a interesting concept which is worth to build ,and  Most of the thinking are around the topic “two button control” .

At first, only i and Mr.hitman, It really spent a long time.

Thanks to woym close it in time and lock the target finally.


Initial Ideas:

  • 0. Sperm-Egg Interaction [Grow]
  • 1. Music rhythm ,Goblin commander/Conductor /  war drums [two button]
  • 2. Cave exploration,downstream ,firebrand ,Dispel danger [twobutton]
  • 3. Convolution /Conditioned Reflexes/ Absorb and  state‘s switch.[ two button]

in the time of discussion, we mainly talk about  two game <Patapon>&&<Ikaruga〉

in especial the <ikaruga> give so many inspiration to Mr.hitman.


* TeamWork

Woym programming ,he built all the function and explore this mechanism …really building task heavy.


Mr.Hitman build art collaborate with me this time , He  built the enviorment /Hero/atmosphere concept  at the earliest time. then he  built the BOSS-Fight In the following process . now,he is makeing  preparations for some other new level…


As to me , just mainly fight with these enemies(Monster ) and other Anim or Effect as usual.. and I also realised that there are some similar pattern was be found in these MainMenu which I built last few times.

Blood Cleaner

there is something  formulaic about my processing ideas, maybe i need try to more breakthrough  and  trying use some new ways in futrue…

  • btw, our friend  also do a new game with her last group: <awesome>


* Concpet Design

There is a conception in the beginning  which about  ” to  save your good friend Deff”

I attempted to establish links between  [Deff’s daily life] with [ his health].  and  in another hand ,try to give this game more depth and moral in the experience.

BlooCleaner Deff

but this project was not  valued.. or maybe not fit to  express   ..therefore there are still nothing much in progress currently…  Mr.Hitman was conceived in some new scheme.

all in all.  now this game still not complete,we really need to design  a  maturity world concept ,i think the most important things is whether we can solve this problem and  find it in next step, it is so important that  was decided whether  this  game worth to do more levels and how to do.


Blood Cleaner

btw ,this is my the second try  about pixel-art.

blood cleaner scrrenshot

The most Feeling is that i overcome the fear about the   frame-sequence-animation , building these  Effect and Animation are so interesting !

(human-motion anim  may a little bit unaccustomed to me , but these monster ‘s motion is really easy and great fun)

blood cleaenr

some effect work also  let me to pay more attention on these reference and where is it (when the effect was be activated ) contrast saturation …(otherwise ,will endless revise ToT )


cooperate with different people ,let me realize and pay attention on th art-style’s mixture

but how to get the wonderful balance is always a big problem(chanllage)  and also  worth to more analyse.

blood cleaner

oh,about the pixel art , i discover  a small tips in Photoshop  that  may  help to build  pixel feeling,

This is the :  Filter-Pixelate-Mezzotint

I use this method when i built text and some boom effect, really  quickly and full of randomness


* Vision Elements

there is an important element  which is the [energy core] in the middle of our hero’s ship(HEALER)

this ship was Mr.hitman’s design:in original project,there is a  red cross fix at this  position.


before we build the [energy-core],most discussion  was mainly revolves around “how these shield  can more remind palyer”—> which state are we in currently  , and let player to know which weapon you are using…(green/blue/yellow)

but,when discussion about  how to build this [energy-core] and how let it more great , we found  that  there are some different idea and we have different opinion with it…

->< Whether to Add red color in the middle of this ship was also a Discussion point

  •      + it can be a characteristic element
  •       —   there are already  too many H.SAT-Colors in this design
  • bloodcleaner bloodcleaner

->< UI(energy bar)  may need more reset to let it presentation information more clear and flexible …

  • +  display energy by split lattice  or set the color change more significative.

beside this, I also not sure  whether  it is necessary that let the tail shield’s color with the core’s color to  build a color line in potential vision.

blood cleaner

but Mr.hitman recommand that may be more better which  this core to remind player  which color is the next state .i think this is a great idea (becasue palyer always can’t  make judgments quickly  when they were in the furious fight)

meanwhile, this core’s movement (Zoom /Shake or Rotate) could also inhence the player’s control feedback when we let this ship’s jump!


Finally,  I think we really need more overall design and do more  analyse in a macro perspective, only after these step, can we do more level in futrue….. maybe we will get together and talk it over a few days later.

now,we we will give it a finishing touch(also by this post.)

blood cleaner

Before this,Welcome to Play and Feedback our game.


We will thanks to every player’s play and feedback with respect


p:  although there is only  1  Level now,but this  game  is still have some difficult.

If you don’t mind and feel this is too hard ,we recommend you to use our debug-button (the ‘O’ key) to lifting your energy ,maybe it can let you more relax when playing

blood cleaner


GGJ 2016 is coming…

Perhaps it is time to make a plan for next step and what should i mainly be focused on…> <

blood cleaner

Wish Everyone Create Cool Game in NewYear


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