Voting Progress!

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January 1st, 2016 10:48 am

All through this Ludum Dare I’ve been taking snapshots of the current voting status to get some idea why the competition runs for 3 weeks (and not 4, or 2, or 1). Mostly things have been going pretty much as predicted – The first week is super hectic, and then the final two weeks are mostly just a steady trickle.

With 3 and a half days of voting remaining, we’ve FINALLY reached 70% of games with enough ratings to get a final score.

We actually had 60% after the first week. It’s taken another 11 days to get another 10%. Which is interesting. I felt like I still didn’t really understand what was actually going on though, so I came up with a new metric: How many individuals actually played and rated games per day (I did this by comparing their ‘votes given’ today to their ‘votes given’ the day before). It produced Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts!

  • On the first full day of voting 1714 people rated, on average, 14.7 games each. That’s a lot of games.
  • In the 2nd and 3rd weeks, people seem to play and rate about 4-5 games each a day, and that’s been surprisingly consistent. The only difference from day to day is how many people are actively rating games. Seems like it’s mostly different people each day, too, but I haven’t analysed that data properly yet.
  • December the 23rd was our least productive day. 428 people rated on average 4.7 games each and the result was that just one game managed to cross the 17 vote threshold (LD33’s threshold – LD34’s might be different)
  • Yesterday just 241 people played and rated 1182 games. 27 games managed to sneak over the 17 ratings threshold, and 17 people reached their 25 games milestone
  • Right now 406 people still haven’t rated a single game. It’s a surprisingly big minority of people who make a game but then have no interest in getting a score or playing anyone else’s games.

From what I can tell, while it’s not very many people, there are a surprising number of people quite happy to spread their voting out over the full three weeks. There you go!

4 Responses to “Voting Progress!”

  1. Jwatt says:

    Always upvote good stats.

  2. torcado194 says:

    very interesting!

  3. laaph says:

    I hate rating games. If I don’t like my game enough to want to see ratings, then I generally won’t.

    But then I generally do because comments and feedback are the best part of Ludum Dare. So you might see 17 new ratings come out of me today and tomorrow.

    I have to admit that Christmas and work and travel have conspired to make it very hard to rate games. How is it that no one in my family uses internet? It takes me 20 minutes to download a small game over my phone!

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