New version of Forklift Man

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January 1st, 2016 3:07 pm

I added and improved quite a bit in this new version. Previously I already made it work with Virtual Reality: which is now also improved.

You might have wondered before why Forklift Man can grow his limbs at will yet his head is bald as if he can’t grow something as simple as hair. As you can see that is now finally fixed in the new version. Just hold H to grow your hair as long as you like.

You might have also wondered why Forklift Man can’t just grow his brain so he can easier solve the puzzles, well he can now grow his whole head (X)! Also new is the seflie camera (Y):

They appear to be rather useless new growing abilities but I made a simple puzzle around it in the last room.

Also new added is music and some more sounds. The walking is not anymore always straight forward, he actually strafe walks now by turning his pelvis 90 degress to the side just like every human does it, sorta:

I also improved the physics for carrying boxes quite a bit. Before that I gave another physics grab option of UE4 a try but it only turned out worse with arms literally getting broken and knotted and boxes spinning around. But it is  now significantly better anyway, you don’t have to be as gentle to the boxes anymore.

I also made a few tweaks to the cameras and the rooms. It turned out a lot of people thought putting a box on a pillar solves the 2nd room. Because video game logic I guess. Well, no more of that, that pillar is now gone and it hopefully is more clear now that you need to build a bridge (or anything that gets you up on the other side).

Also added now are simple graphics quality settings that you can cycle through by pressing O, here are all the controls:

Just press ESC ingame to get to this controls screen.


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