We used to be Neighbours Post Mortem

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December 31st, 2015 7:51 am

These are some post-mortem thoughts on my game We used to Be Neighbours – a game about growing walls.
This time I wanted to create something that would maybe make people think for a while after playing the game…


For me Ludum Dare starts at 3am on Saturday so I prefered starting in the morning after breakfast 😉
This time I have actually spent some time on Friday, brainstorming some of the 20 final themes. Nothing too detailed, just sketching the main game concept and judging it’s feasability in 48h period. I had an idea for Growing and I didn’t have any for Two button Control so I sticked with my initial concept for Growing theme.

On Saturday morning I have detailed my game design, I didn’t want the game to be too complex as I had practically no code base (just the main menu, sound control, image loading etc) so I had to do everything from scratch.
But it turns out in the end that the fact that the game isn’t too complex is probably it’s major flaw…
Yet, there are still several strategies to tackle the game, so it should get the player entertained for a while as the real objective of the game is not to get the maximum points but to unlock the alternative ending.

I am really happy about the music in this game. Even though I have spent a few hours composing a song in MuseScore on sax and piano only to realize in the end that it didn’t suit the mood of the game too much. So I had to rapidly compose something diffrent (using LMMS) which turned out quite all right considering the scarce time I had.

In the end as I really liked the sax and piano song I decided to play it when the player unlocks the alternative ending.

You can find both songs here:
We used to be Neighbours Theme
Theme in F for sax and piano
(I tried to embed these in my post but it doesn’t seem to work..)

Overall it was a good Ludum Dare, except for debugging which took longer than expected I managed to do everything as planned which is a plus.

Why don’t you give the game a try?

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