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December 29th, 2015 6:00 pm

Hey everyone! Have you been enjoying all these sweet LD games? We sure have! 😀

We managed to get ourself rated as the COOLEST CATS by playing + rating 371 entries to-date, what a blast it’s been!

We’re a four person team based in the UK, like all of you looking to create games that people play & love.

This is our FIFTH time entering Ludum Dare and we’ll certainly be back for more.

Our Entry

You play as the janitor at a high tech scientific research complex called SUPER SCIENCE CORP. After a busy day sweeping floors, you decide to take a quick nap in your janitor’s closet. Somehow, in the 10 minutes you have been asleep, catastrophic events have occurred. All employees have been evacuated & the complex is overrun by strange mutant insects.



The Objective

Using your newfound DNA disruptor hand cannon, you must rid each area of the mutant insects, make your way to the reactor and use the TWO BUTTONS to deactivate the generator and save the world!

How does this fit the theme, some of you may (and do) ask?

GROWING – Well, as these mutant insects were created using the same energy that you fire out of your hand cannon, shooting enemies can make them GROW and become something much, much worse…

TWO BUTTON CONTROLS – Your main objective is to get to the end of the game and press the TWO BIG RED BUTTONS that control the generator. Pressing these buttons should deactivate the generator and save the world from infection!



So another Ludum Dare over, another game made! Here’s how it went:

The good!

  • Enemy AI is the best we’ve done to-date, using behaviour trees and pathfinding, this was exciting to use and we plan to use more trees and pathfinding for future games!
  • This is the first game we’ve created with a voiceover, while we wanted to add a bit more flavour to the gameplay lines and interactions, we ran out of time – but it was great to give it a go and use our microphone for something other than gargles and other SFX!
  • We’ve recently been creating a ‘framework’ to base all our games off of in Unity. This competition was a good field test for the framework, showing us where we need to improve and what works well.
  • We managed to create a fair amount of content – partially due to the top down perspective making props/enemy creation simpler, but also thanks to the hard work of the whole team! The game takes 15-20 minutes to complete!
  • There are lots of enemies, 8 total, the animations look sweet and the growing transformations are just how we imagined them at the beginning!
  • We had tons of fun!



The not so good!

  • We ran out of time to add super polish, like sparks, more blood etc.
  • The broom wasn’t as useful as we had hoped to make it, currently it only sweeps away the goo left by ranged enemies. We’d should have added more goo and made it possible to sweep other blood / body parts away – you are a janitor after all!
  • Over time, the aiming becomes slightly misaligned. This is down to tiredness pure and simple, an oversight in the code. It’s manageable for such a short game though.
  • There are a couple of issues with the spitter (red enemy) collision, sometimes he’ll do a little spin and run at you backwards!
  • There are a few bugs with our options menu, switching resolutions causes some unknown scaling/alignment problems. Going windowed mode fixes this (alt + enter).
  • Web build would not work. Which is a complete bummer. WebGL seemed to work on test builds but at the end sound just wouldn’t work properly. This means only standalone builds are available, which upset our web guy who likes making a special page for submissions.
  • We’ve got a new camera script as part of our framework. Some oversights meant camera shake wasn’t that easy (we settled for a simple recoil) and there were a few room snapping issues.



What’s next?

We’re still working on making a full version of our LD33 ENTRY, so not much extra work is being done on SUPER SCIENCE CORP at the moment.

However, we do really enjoy the top down perspective and have used this experience to influence our current project. We’ll be making a top down style recreation our the LD33 game Player Rush and then we’ll see about doing an extended version of our LD34 entry, who knows! :)



Ludum Dare 100 years!

So far we’ve had some really great feedback, both on the LD website and on Twitter – we’d like to say a big THANK YOU for all the kind words AND any constructive feedback, it really is appreciated.

We’ve also been having a blast playing all these awesome submissions, there are so many creative and original interpretations of the theme it’s really great to see all these indie devs hard at work, whatever your skill level!

We’ve played + rated over 350 entries so far, but if we still haven’t seen yours feel free to send it our way on Twitter and we’ll take a look.

We hope you all had a great Xmas and wish you all a happy and prosperous 2016!

Stay schwifty,


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