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December 28th, 2015 3:35 pm

China is gamifying being a “good obedient citizen” and its kinda crazy

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  1. From what Ive read this is more a co-op program between Allibaba and that other social media platform to cross promote and incentivize the purchase of certain products and services. Sort of like a really skewed loyalty program. The notion of such a program being used for the government is a scary notion. But during the reddit conversation on the topic when I first saw this video it looked like several Chinese redditors said they’d never even heard of the program. So it’s hard to say.

  2. Drury says:

    It’s going to be mandatory by 2020, so…

    People love to say “hey we live in 1984” or “hey we live in Brand New World” completely arbitrarily, but this ACTUALLY gets super close to the latter. This is literally using games for conditioning people’s behavior like the happiness drug in that book. To the last detail. No weird assumptions or figurative comparisons or anything. This is literally the thing.

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