Based on your (very much appreciated) feedback, we decided to change a few things and
give the game a little bit more finetuning.

We made the first levels a bit more easy to play but the Game is still very hard for some people. We really like the difficulty, all levels are doable if you put some time in them and we think they are worth the effort.

If you like to play or rate our game you can do it both here:


PS: Currently we think about making a playthrough on Youtube.  let us know your thoughts about this idea if you are interested.

Good luck and have fun. :)

-the movespeed is now 10% slower

-We added a settings menu where you can adjust the screensize.

-A few levels now are a bit more easy to play and we slightly adjusted the learning curve.

-For the hardcore players we added some bonus levels.
(You have to look closely after you reached the last level to unlock those extra levels.)

-Inmates and wardens now cant walk thru doors
-you nomore can glitch out of the map
-You can play the game in different screensizes

2 Responses to “Jolly Jail Jumper – Post Mortem – EXTRA LEVELS!!1!”

  1. PlasmaErnst says:

    Oh, i would watch a playthrough on Youtube.
    Neat game!

  2. akkipanwar says:

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